Pixel Heroes - Byte & Magic (PC) beginner's guide, tips

All Beginnings are Difficult

Pixel Heroes - Byte & Magic can be discouraged quickly. Especially at the beginning, everything is still very confusing. But after a few laps it hurts a lot when you lose a hero.

The more you play, the better you learn the enemy types know and can evaluate situations better. Quick you understand with what attack in which opponent class gives you the highest damage.

The selection of classes

Before you begin a new adventure, it is in the tavern together your group. Take this a little time and look at them, what skills are as individual heroes. Although you can change the equipment and skills of the heroes later, but it is important for the first quest to have a good balance in the group. It basically only one thing is important: Take with a character who can heal!

Monks and Magicians often have strong healing powers. These help you have the first dungeon to survive with a full group.

If you want to play it safe, select the other two characters such a way that they create with their special attacks decent damage and not have too long cool-down times. Special attacks are often very useful, but if they take too long until you can use them again, they don’t bring much.


Before and after quests you should prepare yourself properly. First, go to the forge and sells all items from your backpack. It is advisable to best equip your heroes in the inventory, so you can be sure that you definitely no longer needed the items from the backpack.

Now you can buy in the forge. Comparing before making any purchase, whether this results in an advantage or not. The weapons values are, for example, a good indication. Note: All three values are observed!

Now go to the library. There, you will get very powerful books.

Do you have a healer, then purchases a second book of salvation and give it to one of your heroes. Since every hero must wait another round until he's back in the series, it does not hurt when two heroes can heal. The third hero can make the more so that this can cause a lot of damage whenever it is his turn.

Then you should definitely in the temple, and buy the remaining money potions. Look here is that you acquire a balanced choice. Sometimes it is unnecessary to give a hero a large potion. So you can save a little money.

Random encounters

On your way to the next dungeon you meet all kinds of bizarre creatures. But even situations that appear harmless at first glance, quickly turn out to ambush or trap.

Make sure to read the texts carefully position through in order to better decide what behavior is appropriate. A little luck but always plays a role.

The List

You can determine the order in which your heroes are placed in inventory. An ester ford front you should set up a "tank". This means you choose a character that high armor values and a lot of life has for the first place on the right. In the inventory that would be the highest position.

Behind him placed the second strongest character. And the last point a healer or ranged DPS.

A Little Tactic Never Hurts

During the fighting, you should always keep an eye on your health. At the latest when one of the bars will turn yellow, it selects a healing spell and brings the health of the hero in question again in the green field.

Look what attacks are strong and which side effect they have. The longer you play, the greater your understanding of the tactics in the subtext. Gather your experiences and apply learned.

Skills not forget

If you play the Pixel Heroes - Byte & Magic for the first time, it may well be that you overlook an important skill of your heroes. All heroes have skills. These two skills can bring both defensive and offensive advantages. Most of the attacks contained therein are particularly strong and reliable. The disadvantage of the skills is that they cannot be used after use a few rounds. You realize that the little hourglass. The number next to it shows you how many rounds the skill needed until you can use it again.

Meaningful Disposal

While you are traveling in a dungeon, it is quickly becoming a crowded inventory. You can store at any time only 20 items in your inventory. Therefore, you will force the game now and then to throw away items.

But make sure which items you throw away! Think about what could make the most money by selling and sell only the things that are not particularly valuable. Books are for example usually more valuable, whereas hats, for example, have only a shield value, are not worth much.