Bloodborne - Final + Alternate Ending guide

This section of our complete guide to Bloodborne will show you how to get the 3 Final Ending of the game.

As expected, Bloodborne is also a game full of secrets, subplots, additional bosses, special items and final ending. For now, there are three final endings are available, we say they are two of the main and the alternative one. However, to achieve these final endings, you will have to work hard , especially as regards the third. With this guide, you can achieve them all 3 from the first gameplay without inadvertently fall in the New Game +.



- PS4 (Obvious)
- BLOODBORNE (If not, what are we talking about?)
- Saving Bloodborne (Maybe you are masochists and play without saving!)
- A Device (USB Connect your console)

First you will need to secure the automatic saving of the game your savegame. To do so, quit Bloodborne and make sure you close the application of game: PS button from the game, OPTION key icon Bloodborne open, shaken on CLOSE APPLICATION.

Now go in the settings of PS4 and from there choose the option DATA MANAGEMENT APPLICATION SAVED. Continue by selecting the item DATA SAVED IN MEMORY STORAGE SYSTEM. Finally select COPY IN STORAGE DEVICE USB. The system will show you all the bailouts of the various games that you have played, look Bloodborne and select it with X. In the screen that will open, put the check on saving and choose COPY from the item below. The system will make a copy of your rescue, and so you will have finally put safe from accidental be overwritten.

Now you can try to do everything! Even slay annoying inhabitantsof Yharnam you have painstakingly helped while they were addressed to you with names that may damage the honor of your mother comparing it to a wise expert in special clubs "combat." I refer especially to some old will encounter during the adventure with which I finally had the pleasure to talk and ask it to swallow my ax!

Point of No Return: When you put your data safe!

Read quietly without fear of spoilers, the best time to secure your data is immediately after you delete the Boss / Preda THE MERCY OF MERGO. Returning to the DREAM HUNTER will notice a slightly "different." YOU MUST NOT CROSS THE GATE, if you remember, at the entrance of the Dream Hunter is a gate that was closed for the whole adventure. After defeating the Nurse, you will find it open. If you want to continue to enjoy the adventure without falling in the New Game + Do not exceed THAT GATE, or rather, past this until you copy your saved so you can re-enter when you want to start over and just before the point of no return.


Munster mentioned above you will find a character that will offer you a choice: The first option will unlock a final, the second another. The first choice shows a beautiful movie. The second will lead to a clash with attached, in case of victory, another movie other than that of the first choice. We RECOMMEND to see you before the final movie and then enter the save stashed above to proceed to the final confrontation. The beauty of Bloodborne is the immensity of the title, do not stop at the end, consider the adventure ended only after exploring every secret lair of Yharnam.


This is the final more complicated to achieve because it requires certain requirements to be completed.

You will need a particular object, without reveal too much, concerns a UMBILICAL CORD. This object is divided into several pieces, but just collect 3 to unlock the final:

- Get it from the son of ARIANNA. After talking to two times with the wacky monster dressed in Red CATHEDRAL WARD discover that the Cathedral is a safe place for survivors of Yharnam. Found the NPC ARIANNA tell her to "take refuge in the cathedral." After defeating THE MERCY OF MERGO, come back to find Arianna in the Cathedral. She will bear a son, that you will need to kill to get the object.

- Join the OLD ABANDONED FACTORY. A place where I can not tell you much to not spoil the plot. Can be achieved in the later stages of the game from the Cathedral (lantern CATHEDRAL WARD). Go down the stairs immediately in front of you in the door turn right, which has always been closed. Continue until you come to a large tower. Revenue inside to find many wooden bridges crossing the structure from one side. Go down until you find a door. Exceeds it and go in the only building in the area.

- Defeat the Boss / Preda THE MERCY OF MERGO.

- Kill the sick woman in the secret of CLINIC IOSEFKA. To reach it you will have to find the secret passage in the WOODS PROHIBITED, located behind a house with the red light. If you look hard enough you will find the entrance to a cave that leads to the Clinic. The sick woman suffering from a strange sickness, you'll find it in one of the rooms of the clinic. Let him pass every pain to get the item you need.

Remember that it only takes 3, and choose the ones that will be easier to achieve and beware quests ... some choices preclude other!

Now go back to the "gate of no return" and use the 3 CORDS before crossing the threshold. You also get a significant amount of POINTS INTUITION. Revenue and the fateful step of choice always select the second option to start the fight. Won the battle will not end the game as was previously but it will make available a further clash. Win in this battle to unlock the final third of the game.

WARNING: You will not have to wrestle the two battles in a row. Since they are fighting very hard, the game allows you to go to recharge your arsenal and potenziarvi between a clash and another.

For now, we provide here guide to three Final Endings but who knows that there is another hidden in the world of Bloodborne.