Bloodborne: Weapons, Armor, Gestures and Key Locations

Bloodborne: Locations of Weapons, Armor, Gestures and Key items

(Trick) Weapons Locations

Bloodborne is not as generous with its arms as Dark Souls 1 and 2, a total repertoire of blades; Spanking, Whips, axes and sickles have shrunk significantly in comparison to the predecessors. As a result, the value of a newly discovered fight is rising significantly and the receipt of a new weapon for its own armory is not equal to a weightier event. We have the following summarized all the weapons of the game and their respective localities for you, so you will also find the weapon that most closely matches your style of play.

Dream Hunter - Saw Cleaver
The Saw Cleaver is the weapon that carries the hunter on the front cover of bloodborne and one of three starting weapons that you can select on first visit to the dream of the hunter. The hatchet can be in a longer version, similar to a scythe show, can be accomplished with the attacks on significantly higher distances.

Dream Hunter - Hunter's ax
The Hunter's ax splits right out strong, but soars to that only relatively slowly. In its secondary form, it is converted into a two-handed battle ax, which makes an impressive range possible. It is one of three starting weapons that can be selected at the beginning of the game in a dream of the hunter.

Dream Hunter - Curved Collection
The winding pole can be transformed despite its modest exterior in a deadly whip that lends itself perfectly for crowd control over greater distances. You can select as a starting weapon it in your first visit to the dream of the hunter.

Dream Hunter - Kirkhammer
The Church hammer can be bought from the bathroom messenger once you have finished off the cleric-beast for 3000 blood echoes. In normal mode, a sword, this weapon can morph into a giant hammer, with which normal enemies stun without major problems and can shatter. As a downside, this form of course brings a significantly reduced attack speed with it.

Center of Yharnam - Saw Spear
The Saw Spear you find on your way to the sewers of Yharnam. In the great cathedral, behind the kennels, leads a somewhat remote window to the right of the landing on a wooden frame on which the left hand can start cutting a corpse of a rope. Jumps now two levels down and take the weapon very similar plays for Saw Cleaver from straying from rats.
Locations firearms

Dream Hunter - Hunter Gun
The hunter gun can be selected as a starter kit for your secondary weapon slot as soon as you enter the dream of the hunter for the first time. She counters the effect of small area with a high damage.

Dream Hunter - Hunter Blunderbuss
This Blunderbuss shotgun is designed primarily for interrupting and countering enemy attack maneuvers and shares of comparatively little damage, but has it also has a high impact area. You can select one of two starting firearms in the dream of the hunter.

Dream Hunter - Repeating Pistol
The repeating pistol can be just like the church Hammer in bathroom messengers buy as soon as you have struck the cleric-beast. It represents a formidable firearm so early in the game is, but with two fires bullets per shot, so it has a very high ammunition requirement.

Armor Locations

Heavy iron armor you will not be able to find in Blood Borne, nevertheless can be but again many different uniforms and armor sets found in the vast game world, which mainly serve alongside negligible cosmetic changes to boost your defense skills. Below you will find all Cloth / Armor sets and their respective locations.

Starting the game - Stranger Set
Have you successfully completed your contract after the start of the game and created a character, you will not wake completely naked on a stretcher in Iosefkas clinic, but already have a thin gear, which can, however, not to grant significant protection against the dangers of Yharnam.

Dream Hunter - Yharnam Hunter Set
The Bad Messenger in the dream of the hunter has from your first encounter the Yharnam Hunter set can in his bid that arise for a total of 2500 souls, and therefore provides a good starting equipment.

Center of Yharnam - Hunter Set
Do you follow the optional path into the drains, which can be achieved by ye turn to the central bridge of Yharnam right and on the following plateau smashed a bit rubbish, you come into a rat-infested channel, at the end of her unfortunate one hunter could remove his hunters set. It is similar to Yharnam Hunter Set confusingly, but sacrifices defense in terms of elemental damage against better defenses blood.

Gestures Locations

In addition to the well-known Monster Hunter series is also the Souls games are characterized by a helpful little gesture system that communicate without, however, replace with other players facilitates a sophisticated chat. Who much comes around in Yharnam, who have the suitable solution for any situation, it may therefore be worthwhile to keep open eyes. We show you what a gesture causes.

Standard - Show Forward
With this gesture is players can easily to a certain point in the game world or can make a direction carefully. You may be able to run from the beginning.

Standard - Hunters Welcome
A brief nod to receive a human helper or opponent is simply part that tells the unwritten code of honor in the online game, and is therefore executed from the beginning.

Standard - Sitting Down
With this gesture is your character can sit down, if you will you take a little breather. You remain seated until you move again.

Standard - Hunters Inspiration
The joy of it is something quite essential and with this standard gesture it can be most easily share with other players.

Standard - Joy
Even with this gesture can express joy over a great triumph, but the whole thing is still a little sweeping and impressive.

Standard - Conviction
Also, this gesture can be used from the beginning. It is used to seal a resolve, such as before a boss battle or the like.

Standard - Wave
The adoption of a useful goal the standard gesture Wave is here. What causes it is probably pretty straightforward.

Center of Yharnam - Get Rid Cape
On your way into the sewers of Yharnam from entering the interior of a gloomy cathedral, where you can let you fall through a hidden window to the right of the stairs leading to the interior of the building, on a scaffold. Proceeds from there through the right passage to a secluded wing, where the Slayer Eileen teaches you the cool gesture.

Keys Locations

No Souls title without branched paths apparent dead ends and useful shortcuts. Bloodborne although not strictly speaking Souls game more, holds in its architecture and design, but on tried and tested in accordance have also found its way back into the game countless key, just waiting to open yourselves useful new passages and hidden treasures. We have summarized the location of all keys and associated locks for you.

Dream Hunter - Hunter leader Medallion
This medallion can you buy the bath messenger in a dream of the hunter for a hefty 10,000 blood echoes once you have killed the cleric-beast. He opens the door to the round square before the cathedral.

Center of Yharnam - Oedon Tomb Key
Once you have the second boss of the game, Father Gascoigne, defeated in a duel, you will receive along with some souls the grave Oedon-key as a reward. It can be used to unlock the wide gate behind the boss area, which leads to the Cathedral Quarter.

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