Hotline Miami 2 - Wrong Number (PC) tips

Solve problems with large enemy hordes

If you have some trouble "clean up" a larger space or to a general level is so flooded with enemies that you do not know how to deal with here's a little tip:

Firearm must not always be used to kill. They also used as bait.

For example, go into a smaller room with only one door (IMPORTANT!). Then shoot on a wall, are in the nearby enemies.

Mostly, all opponents of the other room will make their way to get into your room when they pure storm individually do you think easy with your rifle.

So you have either a large room adjusted with ease or minimize the number of opponents so that you can move without problems.

It takes a little practice and a machine gun as a weapon (or gun) but really it is possible in almost all levels.

Sometimes it is also worth the trick for smaller opponents use groups to facilitate the whole bit.