Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Good and Bad Ending guide

Resident Evil Revelations 2 presents two endings, one good and one bad, unlockable by playing the campaign until the third episode and completing the final boss fight in the part dedicated to Claire and Moira.

After completing the boss fight and be boarded the elevator, Neil manages to lock it and to attack again the two girls. Once fallen to the ground Claire will be attacked and lose the gun. E 'at this point that the player will be given the option to choose which character to grab the weapon (by pressing Y) and permanently kill Neil.

SPOILER: We recommend you read the following only after completing the game.


Requirements: we will have to kill Neil impersonating Moira.

Following the path of good, during the escape from the tower of the Guardian Moira will remain equally crushed under the weight of the debris. There will be nothing else to do but go with Claire and jump into the sea. In this case however will not see other cut-scenes and pass directly to the part of Barry.

Again we continue the adventure up to the clash with Alex Wesker and seeing the same movie where the Guardian grabs Natalia to kill her. Shortly before the small is pervaded by fear, thus activating the virus, Moira will intervene by firing several shots freeing it from the power of the monster. The three flee from the hideout and find outside Claire came to the rescue with a helicopter. We will address then a new sequence of gameplay alternating control of Barry and Claire to kill Alex in his second transformation. Once finally defeated the boss, witness a sequence in which the characters move away from the island unscathed.

After the credits will see an epilogue in which Claire is on his way to the home of Barry (with an explicit reference to Resident Evil 6). The Burton family is preparing to receive the visit while Natalia in her room is reading a book. The words of the girl hint that the transfer of consciousness is still unsuccessful when Alex Wesker is dead.


• Moira is alive

• Natalia is alive but something about her has changed


Requirements: we have to kill Neil remaining in the role of Claire

Follow the path of evil, during the escape from the tower of the Guardian will witness the scene where Moira, to save the life of Claire, will be crushed under some concrete blocks. After we jumped into the sea will see a short cut-scene that makes us guess that the girl is a goner.

Then continue with the adventure as Barry until the clash with Alex Wesker. In the final scene the Guardian put off playing the soldier and grab Natalia to kill her. At this point the fear of dying in her will activate the virus, which will allow it to kill Alex, thus triggering the transfer of consciousness. Left alone with the small, Barry will not have the courage to kill her despite now it is in effect for Wesker.


• Moira died

• Natalia died

• Alex Wesker is in the body of Natalia


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