Tips for Playing Pillars of Eternity Successfully

Useful Tips for Playing the Pillars of Eternity Successfully.

- Read dialogues and text panels with attention - this not only increases the immersion, but also provides useful information about the game world and evidence of quests.

- If you see items that you collect! Your inventory is unlimited and you can use the items not only for crafting and weapon upgrades, but also sell.

- It is worthwhile to use the Expert Mode in the exploration of areas. It reveals hidden containers, traps, switches and abbreviations that you would not see in normal mode.

- Hammer, chisel, Dietrich and grab hooks are tools that you should always carry with you to reach difficult places and not miss anything.

- Use the pause button and the speed keys - with the pause button you can undisturbed gain an overview of the situation, with the speed keys, however, your group move quickly through an exploration regions, or a fight you in exploring or in battles slow to respond undisturbed on the actions of your enemies.

- Take time to create your character and make sure to read the descriptions of particular classes carefully. You can adjust the level of difficulty as the game progresses, but only slightly change your character.

- A balanced group in which each group member has a fixed role, you make life easier in Eora. It is advisable to have characters in the group who specialize in one skill.

- Experience points are usually distributed to all group members - therefore think carefully about whether a character is for your group before you absorb it. Sometimes it is better to keep the group small and for upgrading the existing characters with experience.

- Some spells and abilities also have an effect on your group members and do splash damage - with the right lineup you prevent your group gets caught and gets the most out of the abilities of your characters.

- Always perform two types of weapons per character in the inventory with you - sometimes enemies immune to certain types of weapons and in this way you will ensure that each of your characters at any time can do damage.