Crypt of the NecroDancer (PC) beginner’s guide

What is Crypt of the NecroDancer?

At first glance seem Crypt of the NecroDancer to be retro look, a typical dungeon crawler packed. But at second glance, or the first "eavesdropping" you quickly realize why the title clearly stands out from other games of this genre. Here is the music set the tone! Or rather, here defined sense of rhythm between success and defeat. By precisely timed press the four arrow keys of your keyboard or representative the four buttons of your controller you move through as always newly generated dungeons, on the hunt for treasure and monsters.

Move it to the beat

Centered on the lower part is decorated with a heart the menu bar, followed by parallel lines, which move to the heart. Depending on the speed of the background music (BPM / Beats per minute), these lines move faster or slower at heart. Once the line pairs below the heart, you should move in one direction.

Rely on your hearing in this case rather than on your eyes, because this should judge on what happens in the dungeon itself and not to the beat indicator on the screen.

It is recommended to use headphones to internalize the beat and so successfully battle your way through the dungeons.

The Multiplier

The multiplier is an important element in the game. Maximum can bring this to "3", and affects the Gold Fund. However, there are also items which benefit from the multiplier. One example is called an armor calculated on the basis of your multiplier. Increase said multiplier when you move to the rhythm of the beats through the dungeons and successfully defeated monsters. Should be hit by an opponent but you, or move you off-beat, you lose the multiplier again.

Gold and Diamonds

Both serve as currency and can only be found in the dungeons, but there is a significant and important difference. Gold is limited entirely to the use within the respective dungeons, diamonds can only spend outside. There is in every dungeon level to find a shop where you can spend your gold for items. These items are only for the respective throughput available and disappear with the failure or successful completion of a dungeon instance. Diamonds can be outside the dungeon, spend in the Game Lobby from various dealers. There can be more permanent addition to life points to unlock, among other items, which may be subsequently found in treasure chests in dungeons. Attention: diamonds have (whether successful or not) are issued for a Dungeon passageway, otherwise they expire.

Movements of the Monster

Not only you are moving - at best - to the beat. Even the monsters that cross your path, do so. Nothing probably decides as victory and defeat, as the knowledge of the Move sets of monsters. Each monster type moves to the beat in a certain pattern. Blue Slimes example moves every two bars upwards again, then down again, but never to the right or left! The Yellow Slime against moves definitely beat blow clockwise four bottom panels. It's incredibly important to know about these movements decision because they determine how you can attack without getting hurt yourself. The Blue Slime -This should be mentioned at this point again as an example - should always be attacked by the left or right because he never can meet you there. Enemies will always only in the direction of their movement.

About the lobby by the way you come into an area which allows you against a variety of monsters and bosses to train. Practice makes perfect!