Dark Souls 2 (PC) Scholar of the First Sin walkthrough


Welcome to Dark Souls 2 . In this walkthrough, we will show you the way through the bock heavy roleplaying game remake. What has changed? Where to find the numerous bosses?

The intervention

You start with your character in-between. Here you just need to lit house in the tree to keep running forward. There you can select your class and start rendering. Which is worth more, we will tell you in the class guide . Do you have your choice is made, it goes through the door into the next area. Here you will find several smoke screens. Do not be afraid. Behind the bosses but no tutorial sections, the closer you get the basic control hide. Completed the connection and get some useful items and souls. In addition, you meet so the two ravens in the nest, the smooth and silky ask you for objects. For them, their small stones can be exchanged for correct items that are randomly selected.

Have you explored all the paths (one is blocked by a stone statue - this you can open later in the game) you will walk through the gorge to Majula.


This small village on the edge of the cliffs is your base for the next adventure. Ignites the bottom center fire and talk to the lady at the cliff. In her their souls can invest to improve your character. It also gives you your first Estus - bottle, with it heals you in combat. Addiction equal in the village after the fountain there and strike against it. You will receive as an Estus sherd, with which you get a second bottle at the lady. Then you can explore the village. There are numerous NPCs.

Speak, to repeat every dialogue with them. Only then special quests will be activated. This is also true for other people you meet. Now you have two options. Through a tunnel in the rock wall you come to Heide's Tower of Flame and you can still get a sign on the way. However, we recommend the path behind the broken wall to the forest of the fallen giant.

Forest Of The Fallen Giant

Here you are the first changes of Dark Souls 2 stand out. On the one hand is now a Cyclops in the river. Will you come too close to him, he is not a threat to you. Avoid him and ignite the fire on the right side. On the other hand you can see that the undead soldiers to lie first. They are on only when you get too close. That makes it a bit easier because you may be able to fight individually. This is particularly true for the area at the end of the ladder. There awakens a soldier after another and fit the knight on the tab above on. He bombards you with incendiary bombs. To do it, you go to the right and climb the ladder there.

Let's not get caught by the undead, who comes to you from above. Have you done all that, it goes through the fog. Here are waiting in the tunnels several enemies at you. Pull them back to the entrance. There, they retreat slowly and you can turn them off one by one. Have you made it to the stairs earlier, it is not far to the tower. You only have to take care of the troops at the end of the stairs or rotate it. Have you already used up your bottles, you should choose the second option and the heads up quickly. Then opens the door and locks the fire.

Cardinal Tower area

You find yourself now in the cardinal tower area. From here is the first large territory. Go only up and there destroy the wooden door. Here you can find useful items in a chest and you can do the Emerald Salamander to obtain stones for upgrading your weapons. Then jump from the ledge down on the road to the item and continue down. Now you can use the ladder. Here you will meet again on two soldiers. Your path leads you first to the left tapping the fog. You find yourself now in the courtyard.

If a piece of the road to the top and jump from there into the atrium to the ladder. Take this road and take care of the many archers. Have you made it over the rooftops, looking for a cave entrance. Wait there briefly until a trap is triggered, and then go up. Here you will find path. This gives you after a few calls the keys to the villa in Majula. There you can again get hold of an Estus Shard.

Cardinal tower - Followers and hot

Now go back to the big branch and upwards. Here you will meet a turtle warrior. Again, this is new here. Pull him something to you, by destroying their barricades. Here you have enough space and time to defeat him. Provoked his attack where he throws himself on the back. Then gives way quickly. Now you can inflict a lot of damage. Go ahead and done the shooter left. Thanks to the fire bomb thrower you can unlock a shortcut. Go to the powder barrels at the crumbling wall. Just wait until he throws and then jumps away quickly. So you find yourself back at the fire. Then climb briefly on the platform and jump back down.

There, the tracker (a later boss) will appear and you definitely destroy. It disappears after fleeing down, you can pick up the items to you. Then go all the way down. Here you can see at the end of the path Pate on a box sitting. Talk to him and you shall be clean and browse the subsequent field for him. Go to the inside and does the same attacking enemies with quick attacks. Inside, beside the glowing object you will find a secret wall opens by pressing Interact. Behind is a magic wand. Do you have the area cleared, then you get the white soapstone Pate, help her with the other players can.

Cardinal tower - Boss

Now go back and go briefly into the room with ballistae and draws you back immediately. They shoot shortly thereafter. With a little luck you hit so a soldier. Kill the remaining and collect all the items inside. Here waits a first spell on budding magician. Below you'll find a chest. But beware: It is protected with a crossbow trap. Now go outside and you see against some powder kegs and opponents. Top left standing on a hill bomb thrower. With a little skill you can get them to trigger the powder kegs and so bring your enemies in the way. About the passage next to you, you get to the wall and so to the launchers.

The giant tree on the ground can not be used. Only later did he becomes important. Have you done any enemy that passes through the remaining path and you'll find yourself back on a cliff to the sea. Kill the two soldiers in front of the fog. Do you want to read the items on the big stage and behind the wooden cart, you have better brace yourselves for surprise attacks. Remain calm and you will survive this. Go through the fog and grab the leather shield in the next room. Now you can open the iron door next to the elevator. Again you have unlocked a shortcut. About the lift you get to the first boss of your adventure.

Boss: The last giant


- Soldiers key
- Soul of the last giants

The last giant waits in a cave on you. He is very slow. You should stay during the fight at his feet, and you just retire if he stomps. Switch between the legs back and forth to avoid being hit. Once he goes to the ground, you can attack his head to cause more damage. From about 50 percent, he rips his arm and uses it as a weapon. Remain at the above tactics and the battle should be easy.

Boss: The tracker


- Ring of Blades
- Tracker soul

To get to the tracker you need the key from the last giants. Now go back up and onto the covered terrace on the cliff by a lift. Here you see a door. Closes on them and at the end you will find the boss. For this fight, you should definitely necessarily call a support. Not to fight, but to distract the tracker. Then the battle is over in a few seconds without you carry only a scratch. Like that - with the help of the ballista - goes, we'll show you in our video. After the fight, you come over the rear plateau to the lost fortress.

Heide’s tower of flame

Have you defeated the last giants, there are two possibilities. Either you close the door on the outside plateau on the cliff on (where the two soldiers were posted in front of the fog) or you go back to Majula and go off to Heide flame tower. Since the fight against the pursuer is done quickly, we will declare it directly after the last giants. In the following, we will show the way over Heide's tower of flame. Gather on the way there yet the scarlet-Parma shield from the iron chest on. Once in the area you can equal the fire on the right side of the small path ignite.

In this area, stone guards are waiting for you. They are easy to defeat, despite their size. Encircle them while they carry out their triple combo. Are you can harm her in the back. So from working one by one. After you have done, columns appear with levers. Draw them so that is the arena in the next Boss greater. In the round area you will be faced with three soldiers. They come after you've completed the first, as a couple for you to. Pull her over the whole bridge back to the first section.

There, they split up and you can do it easily. Now you have two methods available. Do not go to the left. There are waiting numerous heath Knight, stone giants and a dragon on you. At this time, you are still too weak. Go to the right and fight your way there before until the fog. Still take the subject in the chest with the heathen knight. With this ring, which reduces the life energy penalty if you are a shell. Then you compete against the dragon riders.

Boss: Dragon Rider


- Inheritance soul

The Dragon Rider is a great warrior with shield and halberd. Have not pulled both levers in the previous field, the arena is not completely filled. Then there is the risk that her plunging into the depths. To defeat him, remains constant at him and compasses around him. Remains in him stick and strike as soon as he has completed his combo. How exactly runs the struggle, learn it in the attached video. Following the battle, you can go up and the next beacon fire. After this fight all heath knights from the previous area are hostile and want to impress upon your leather.

Flame tower

Right praying woman. Speak with her and exhausted from the dialog option. Then Licia disappear when your next getaway and later open up to a new region. They also sold some miracle. Then go across the bridge and up the spiral stairs. In the catacombs you should explore the long corridors. There can be found, in addition to a few warriors items.

Among other things, you will find a chest in fine bone dust. Burn this subject in the fire in Majula. As a result, your Estus flacons are better and heal you by a larger amount. Then ride the elevator down. The frog in the water left you can initially ignore. This path is blocked anyway you from a statue. Go straight through the opening and you come to the next beacon.

No one yard

Dark Souls 2 veterans will notice right away that Lucatiel is no longer on fire No one yard. But ye find them again. Go into the yard, and stay left. You will be bombarded constant. So keep your shield up. Clears the house on the left and then take you to the shooters on the web, including the notes before. Now you can proceed to the small huts and bring your enemies inside. On the right you see a torchbearer. Not done it. He will follow you and make the area a little brighter. Go up the stairs and into the first house on the left. You will meet now Lucatiel. Speak with her until she wants to assist you in battle. In the upcoming boss battle you can now summon them as NPC. Then goes outside and continue straight along the way. Here you will meet again on Vikings and dogs who want to overwhelm you.

No one yard - Boss

Further forward is the torchbearer important now. You will meet monsters with long arms. This shuns the light of the torch and you are so not so dangerous. Take the path along the cliff and after gaining momentum. Finally, there you will find a lever. Draws him and the great ship pulls into the yard. Is the next boss and therefore your next destination in him. Jump onto the roof next to you and then keep going down. Oriented you to the dark huts below. Before you go on high ridges of the left, you should in the adjoining house.

There is the dealer Gavlan. He sold some poison objects. Behind him you open now still stands and goes back to the webs. Kill the enemies there and you see a ridge which rises into the air. Blow him to unlock a huge shortcut. Hero with a value of ten intelligence can also talk to the mage Cahillion on the wooden platform. He holds a lot of magic and utensils. Then goes on ship and carry out all opponents. Below deck, the next boss is now waiting for you.

Boss: Smelter Demon


- Smelter Demon - soul

In this battle, you must hurry something, because the water is rising constantly and makes you slower. The Smelter Demon consists of two torsos that you can be both dangerous. Stay on the side of the Mace as it is somewhat portly. Attempt to bring you with evasive maneuvers in the flank or attack with spells from a distance. Alternatively, you can also call you Lucatiel as reinforcement. Her symbol can be found in the abbreviation next to the dealer Gavlan. Then the battle is very easy since the mirrahnische warrior can put up with much. As the whole fight expires, you can see in our attached video. Go after the fight in the next room. There you will find Pyromanthie items and the globe, which brings you to the lost fortress.

Lost Fort - McDuff

Once there you should take up the elevator. In the long passage above can be found on the left side of a beacon. Go ahead and then sprints to the shooter. This can otherwise explode barrels at you. Then try to do some of the dogs from above. You also transgress them against their will quickly overwhelmed. On the left side there is another path with a chest. It contains a Estus flacon Shard. Subsequently opens the gate on the other side and works behind the dogs.

At the end of the stairs is a masked. With luck, the barrel invites at the wall behind you and opens a shortcut. Alternatively you quickly runs past him and rolled the barrel itself, after ye have done it. In the shortcut you also find the second blacksmith. In McDuff you can later provided with additional weapons effects. The matte glow that you need for it, you will after you've defeated the tracker. In the tower farther forward you will meet again on Lucatiel. In the chest next to her is an ancient key. So you open the patio door that hides on the right side behind some wooden boards. Beat it on and you come to an area with a fountain.

Lost Fort - Way to Boss

The tracker will reappear in the courtyard. Simply draw you back a little in the direction of the beacon and he disappears. You beat the stone on the fountain up, you have to fight three mummies, but also gets the hikers set. Then scoured the house with the chests and climb on the ladder back to the main path. There is a stone statue of the passage is blocked. You need a fragrance branch to come on.

As you come to this rare object, you'll see in our guide with location of important items. One example, is located directly after the fight against the persecutors when you arrive at the lost fortress. Go over the projection on the left side behind the building and let yourself fall down. In the iron chest a branch waiting for you. But the prosecutor reappears with you. Have you done it and alert the statue, then: legs in your hand. Sprinting up the stairs down and looking to the left side of a ladder. Now quickly up and down the hall. There the next mist and boss waiting for you.

Boss: Ruin Guardian


- Ruin Guardian Soul

For the fight with the guard ruin it is advisable to call for assistance. The call sign of the Mage can be found in the cells before the fog. The three guards are in fact susceptible to magic damage. Therefore, you should also her spells and magic urns pack to increase your damage. Initially remains on the first platform. One of the guards jumps to you. Tries as soon as possible to do it without falling off the hill. In this way you would the other watchmen on the plan. If the guard himself, he comes after a short time back up. If he does, jump down and heal you quickly. If the mage is still alive, you must now take one of the guards and inflict a lot of damage. Is your help once on the ground, you have to confront them. As the fight expires, you can see in our video. Anschießend goes up and searches for the next beacon.

Servants quarters - Moon Tower

From this beacon you can directly down and use a Pharros stone. Escape upwards to get rid of the tracker when it prepares you problems. Behind her get into the moon tower: An optional field with a boss. Originally, there was the key fortress. In Scholar of the First Sin you find it in another place. Where we tell you in our separate location-Guide and the section after the tower gargoyles. Speak to the NPC on the box. You can join his group.

Then go up and defeat the dark dwarfs. To get through the fog on the upper floor, you must first bell on the roof. There, again wait a few dwarves, but this should not be a problem. Go after you've pulled the lever down. Under the stairs on the first floor you can get a NPC as reinforcement. This is sorely needed, because you have to again compete against several opponents.

Boss: Tower Gargoyles


- Soul of the Tower Gargoyle

This fight will cause memories to Dark Souls veterans. On the roof, you have to take many small gargoyles. First, there are only two. After some time, Mom wakes to life. Ye have done one of them, awakens after a short time a replacement. In order to survive the boss, you have all the Gargoyles do one by one. How this works best with the help of the NPCs, you can see in our video. After the fight, you go through the opposite tower down and set alight the beacon on the wall. Down in the yard you see some enemies and items. Give out the souls gained in Majula from. Then you can down. It appears the intruder bird as a sinister spirit. For him, there is a simple trick: Climb up almost all the way down and remains at the head until it appears. Now you can up and destroy the enemies with spells in the yard again.

Servant’s quarters

Judging from the servants' quarters, up and down the aisle. On the left side you can see some boxes on the hillside. Go there and grab the key fortress. This is needed for the next boss and make you fight there tremendously. Pay attention to the warrior who wants to attack you from behind. Beat him and goes on to the tower. Once at the top you have to deal mainly with explosives you mummies. Simply jumps back again to escape the explosion or finish them off quickly with a single blow. Goes on and you come into a building with stairs. On the first floor we continue to the boss.

At the top you will find the fossilized Straid from Olaphis, which you can bring to life again with a smell branch. He later sold you unique weapons and magic, if you give him the souls of the bosses. But your path leads first down and the big bridge. Pull the lever to us then sprint to the other side. From there she pulls back the great adversary, that ye not in hail of arrows. Then you can just above ignite the next beacon through the fog and a floor.

Salt Fort

From here you come directly to the next boss. First Battle your way to the elevator down freely. There are only soldiers that should not be a problem now. Ride then down. Here you will meet an old acquaintance. The Smelter Demon left trudges through the water. Do not try to fight them in the water. Limit yourself to ranged attack and draws you back to the elevator. In this way you can hurt them at least before her goes into the melee.

Now you stands one way to the boss almost free. Thanks to the fortress key you no longer have to open the main gate in the middle rushing all enemies on you. Instead, you take one of the stairs and can so freely to the boss. Who wants to call for backup, can do so at the elevator. Do visit Lucatiel. Earlier in the cells to the right also waiting Mietklinge Luet to you. Now you can for fog. Before you pass below you should open on the sides and ignite the fire where both doors. As a result, you have a huge advantage in the upcoming fight.

Boss: Lost sinner (Old Soul)


- Lost sinners soul

The sinner is not too difficult if you have previously ignited the fire before the boss area. Thus, the room is brightly lit and you can aim at it from a distance. In the dark, it would be almost impossible. Did you gain fetched, you can leave them to refuel and stock up with ranged attacks. Alternatively you introduce yourself in close combat. It is very fast, but has some moments after their attacks, in which you can attack. As the fight goes, you can see in this video. Then you grab the scent branch in the next room and ignites the original beacon.

Hunter grove

Have you talked to the priest in the flame tower it now stands at Majula. Go in the direction of the flame tower and talk to her. In 2000 souls opens you the way to the hunter grove. Then comes the hill to the top. Right in the chair sits Felkin, who speaks with you if you have a desire value of at least eight. He sells dark magic.

Then activated the fire and continues through the villa on the hill. In the dark room and behind the next door lurk some opponents. They simply pulls back out and finish them off. And then proceeds to the columns. Not daring to jump down to the item, but take the path on the ladder. Under the broken bridge you encounter around the tree and activates the next beacon.

Bridge access

Now go back up and running over the cliff to the item on the broken bridge piers. From here you can now leave again fall down. About this way you come to a cave with many toxic butterflies. Turn them with spells or a bow. Grab the item at the end of the road and let yourself over the mushrooms right down fall. The great frog should also take care of her from above with ranged attacks. Below is her Ricard's rapier in a chest. About a secret passage in the rock you come back to the house and thus a beacon. Now you put yourself further along the right path. Go to the right and in the direction of the small bridge.

You will meet a torturer. But he is due to its slowness easy to walk around. Have you done the sickle chair, cross the bridge and jump left one level below you. Here you have the first butterfly in the tree do to avoid being poisoned. Then appears an intruder. A Lost Leather wants to go to you. These invaders are new to Dark Souls 2 . As you defeat them, and what they bring to you later in the game, learn it in our separate Abandoned guide. Did you kill him, you go up. There you will see a small hill with a stone bridge and which is provided with a high left, big bridge. Both paths lead to bosses. The main boss of this area is located along the Great Bridge. That's why we bring you this way first.


Let the bridge with a lever in a small mud huts left down it. In the moment when you pull the lever, you will be attacked. Turn enemies in the area previously, in order to avoid that. Then walks over and you see another hut with a beacon. The door is initially closed. Make your way across the small bridge at stake and continue along the gorge. Will you come to a fork in the road you go to the upper left.

Here you will meet the intruder Roenna. Do not fight on the plateau, since there are still poisonous butterflies with her. Pulls them back into the canyon and waits for their triple combo before you. You can also get behind and start a backstab. Finally, on the hill you will find the key to the beacon. Close the hut and talk to the knight from Creighton Mirrah. He has it in for inspiration and will meet you a couple of times later. Now you stands one way to Boss quasi-free. Go back in the direction of the hill and you can see in the distance before the big fog at the waterfall. Behind wait Messrs this area.

Boss: skeleton princes


- Skeleton Prince Soul

The skeletons there are equal in threes. Although they look quite the same at first glance, there are some differences. One focuses more on melee combat, while another specializes in magic. The third is a hybrid of both. Have you done a skeleton prince, he spawns little skeletons that attack you as well. So does all opponents gradually and you always focused only on a target. How that works best, you can see in our video. Then follow the path through the hole in the wall and you get to the Erntetal.

Optional Boss: Hangman cart


- Hangman Cart-Soul

Make your way instead of the big bridge in front of the beacon of Untotenkerkers on the small stone bridge below. Here you come after a few opponents to a destroyed wooden bridge. Be careful when crossing. In the end, you first need to fight against a very strong phantom. That's why this fight is recommended at a later point in the game. Then go through the fog. The carriage moves all the time in the circle. Your goal is to first turn off the mages in the niches on the edge of the roadway. Thus, the skeletons are not revived. Have you done that, you can stop at the gate the car by pressing the lever. How is happening the whole fight, you can see in the video.


Just to the right in Erntetal behind the poison pond you will find the first fire. On the stone before you the daughter of Smith sits. Talk to her and she will go after Majula. There you can buy later precious stones and shards of her. Now go down and you come to a large Giftsee. Do you have arrows or spells in the luggage you can watch the opponent is gradually do and then you grab the items. Fits only on the toxic effect on, you heal regularly or searches on the heights protection. Go left then up the stairs. The fire mages you can defeat ranged combat. Then pull the lever in the second sorceress and her move to the next beacon.


Judging from the mines to the right. Here you can see some gemstone lizards. Trying to catch them with ranged attacks before they leave. Alternatively you can return to the fire and try again. Go through the passage on the right. Sprints right again and defeated the hammer carrier. Pay attention to the magician who bombards you every now and then with fireballs. Now take the rear entrance. The second hammer carrier will die alone from the venom of the pitchers. Inside you go through the poison pond and found at the end Lucatiel again. Have you already spoken in the yard and no one at the lost fortress with her, she will give you a ring. Now uses even the Pharrosstein at the symbol to reveal a secret chest. In it you will find a ring of poison resistance.

Now go back outside and take the other entrance to Irdenspitze. Here you have to once again compete against the hammer carrier and a sorceress. Further up you heed nor the fungus beetles that can poison you. The chest is worth in the room next to the fog is not worth it. This is only a torch. In addition, the space is filled with enemies and a trap. Instead goes straight to fog and imagine the next boss.

Boss: Greed Demon


- Greed Demon Soul

This fight is one of the easiest in the game. All you need to orbit the giant worm and make sure if he wants to roll on you. That you see on the short pause. As the battle proceeds exactly you see in our attached video. Then you go through the gear up and lit the fire.

Lower Irdenspitze

In the Irdenspitze there is plenty to do. First go to the top and you will be surprised by assassins and hammer beams. Pays particular attention not to strike the drums, as you will otherwise poisoned. In the adjacent bridge you should only do the shooters right with spells or arrows. Then you can attract the spearmen from the other side. Umlauft it easy during his combo and then to beat. On the other hand, you should then use the ladder. Note that even here, attacking two assassins who should do it with fast shots. Now you can follow the course and activate the fire behind the fog.

Mean Irdenspitze

There is something very important to do. Thus, the next boss fight is not hampered by poison, you have a torch on fire ignite and thus ignite the large mill on the outer wall. You can find them in front of the beacon room and she reached over a projection on the wall. This makes the poison in the boss area is mostly drained. Then go up the stairs. About you have three Assassin to bar. Get them down with one shot and then defeated them individually. Are you reached the top, going first to the right. Defeat the Sorceress and then jumps over the round abyss. After a chest and a guard you go to the bottom right. About this way you come to Pate, standing in a room with some vases. He tells you just about a treasure. Go back up one level and follow the path to the left. Here you come back outside on the terrace.

Way to the top Irdenspitze

Brecht through the wooden gate and then goes along the cliff to the left. There will meet their ladder maker Gilligan. Speak so he moved with him for the next boss fight after Majula. He is later very important for you. He also can you build a ladder to the Irdenspitze for 2000 souls. So you get a Pharros stone and titanite. Now go back to the terrace and open the iron gate. Now the way to the boss is pending. Instead of turning right at the top right, you go left. Slay down the hall quickly the magician on the hill and then the melee.

Theoretically, you can now equal to the spearmen left tackle and then go to the boss. We recommend you first of all to go straight. In the first room on the right you can defeat a mime and numerous poisonous beetles. Since the prey but is very small here, you should not risk anything. Instead goes to the top. You arrived on the plateau with vases, you interact with the walls next to the door. On both sides can be so open secret rooms, which include a fire. Snapped it and bring souls collected by Majula. After that you can go to the boss.

Boss: Mytha, the evil queen


- Evil queens-soul

The fight against Mytha is initially difficult to you by poison. In the green soup, the Medusa heals. As you let drain the poison, learn it at the field point average Irdenspitze. Then you have a small platform in the middle, on the you can fight. Now you have to provoke their jump attack by always hold her some distance from it. Then jump over to the left and then to beat. Repeat this and you can even stun them short and cause more damage. How the technology works, you can see in our video. For the last phase, in which it keeps its distance, can use their Pyromanthie because it is susceptible to fire damage. Then ride the elevator to the top and you get to the iron lock.

Iron Castle

First activated the beacon on the left side of the bridge. In this area you will encounter Alonne Knight that you can do it with fast shots. On the other hand, the armourer Dennis enters your world. Always attacks him when he channels a spell. So you can get it small with time. Then opens the door and walks down the stairs continue up. Fencer Sharron now met you as a sinister spirit.

It is very fast. Under Brecht their attacks to pass with a heavy attack against them. The courtyard of the iron fortress has become much easier. Simply pulls the opponent individually into the room and soaked the arrows to select. The lever on the left side pulls her so that the bridge is lowered a bit. But still gathers the chest, which is located above the shooter.

Now go across the bridge. Pay attention to the shooters right and left and do the melee with fast shots. Then beware of the shooters. At right are still more enemies to jump down. So do not be encircled by them. Here you can jump onto the small ledge. Do visit a fossil dragon bones to upgrade weapons and a two-handed sword in the chest above. Go back and then let yourself fall to the furnace.

Here you pressed the second lever and the wheel on the big oven front. As a result, the fire will shut down and you can grab yourself the object inside. Then go back to the mist at the bridge, if you want to do the optional boss. Alternatively, you take the path through the furnace to move forward.

Optional Boss: Schmelzer daemon


- Smelter Demon Soul

The smelter daemon is a huge monster with a giant sword. As a result, he has a long range and hits you pretty hard. Before the fight you can directly before the fog again call for reinforcements. So the battle is somewhat simpler. Turn it back on or has its impact sequence can not land, you beat to. Have you taken off him some life energy, it self-ignites and burns everything around him. As a result, it suffers slow damage. So watch out for your life. Otherwise, you must now additionally pay attention to explosions that cause enormous damage. This is always followed by a jumping attack. As the struggle against the demon expires, you can see in our video. After that you can catch fire at the end of the stairs the beacon.

Iron fire hall - Sun Tower

Here you can first the simple Alonne Knights do, by dragging them individually to you. Then you do the turtles warrior with magic over the abyss created and then jump across. You now see a room with many platforms and a lever. Will first pass through the door on the left and you get to the Sun Tower. Like the moon tower this is an optional field, which features some goods and souls. Uses behind the door a Pharros stone and durschlagt the illusion. After that you can activate up a fire and climb the tower. Here again waiting for the bell-NPC and his minions upon you. Against the bigger, black phantoms help spell very well. So you think especially the melee beautiful from a distance.

In this area, the chance is increased to be haunted by a phantom gray (oath of bells). Your goal is initially a small tower in the back corner. There is a lever. Draws him, and then goes towards the ladder. Kill the opponent on the roofs and again falls down the stairs. Here you can find again some items. Before you jump back at the end of the path back to the first beacon interacts with the wall. Behind it you will find a secret room with a large black knight sword and a new bell.

Iron fire hall - Boss

Now you can look back down and across the platforms. The turtles warrior you can stock up on spells or alternatively lure with the lever down into a trap. Then the slow soldiers fall into the lava below them. Your goal is the fog on the right side of the room. Behind her is a staircase leading down. Pay attention to the following passage to the guillotine. So you can also lure opponents into a trap. Now you have to go only by the Feuerspeier and reach the ladder. In the header at the top you will find a lever which disables all Feuerspeier and you simplify the way. Now take every last beacon to complete and bring your accumulated souls after Majula. Then you is already paved the way to the boss and thus to the next Ancients.

Boss: Old Iron King (Ancient Soul)


- Old Iron King-soul

The old iron king waits middle of a lava lake on you. The fight against him should you noticed quite simple, since his attack patterns are relatively easily recognizable. Mainly it will charge a jet and shoot him to you. He flies forward, you have to dodge to the right. Take care of the lava and then solves the target acquisition. Goes to his arm and beat on him. Alternatively he attacks you with Armhieben. This always consist of two strokes. But after the second you can end up with some punches his arm. Every now and then he will spit fire. Then you can you hide behind the wall to avoid the damage. As the fight goes exactly you see in our video. After the battle, you can go into the ruins and ignite the Urleuchtfeuer. In the room behind you come later in the game in one of the three DLC areas.