Football Manager Classic 2015 review

The ensemble formed by Sports Interactive and Sega takes years celebrating success after success with each new release of its popular series of football management simulation and compatible, bringing the gaming experience to iPad and Android tablets for a few years with certain cuts, but due to the high demand from fans so popular saga, at last enjoyed a full version that inherits every aspect of the PC title - including a huge data base and simulated in three dimensions in order to exercise our task trainer and manager from anywhere, anytime. Then we discover all the details of Football Manager 2015 Classic in our review.

Kick off!
As is traditional in the franchise, Football Manager remains intact much of its design, interface and options compared to previous releases, improving and adding certain elements to achieve narrow the odd mishap; but the base is the same, which on the other hand ensures high levels of quality, how could it be otherwise for the simulator on the football field. But let's focus on the particularities of this touch version; well, and as with the original version, we found a new menu bar to the left of the screen, with many shortcuts to other menus, well structured, indeed. Of course, keeping a very similar style compatible, have redesigned the various hyperlinks and menu screens to adapt the interface to the format and touch screen size of our iPad and Android tablets.

Football Manager is renowned for offering a clean and clear system menu and this edition has curly hairs, with a more modern, intuitive and very pleasing to the eye besides a clear simplification of texts-look, something essential considering that the application will become our new "home" for a long time, especially for fans of this prestigious series. Its development is traced to past deliveries, although with some other added which makes this the most complete in this sense 2015 delivery. The first thing we do is create your own profile coach, with the interesting novelty that will allow us to deliver a series of dots between various attributes, in a similar way as we would in a classic RPG form. In this way we ensure a unique profile, unlike previous installments where each technician seemed a clone of the next.

From this time we will run into a foot balling universe will lead us to carry out everything from proper monitoring of the state of our staff to negotiating contracts, transfer and downs, through other equally important undertaken as scouting, with a huge database at our disposal with over 150,000 real players from around the world 117 leagues different- interaction with the template, the policy and the media and even the ability to plan daily workouts our players and score goals and enforce them. While those who prefer to focus on the sporting aspects can delegate a lot of efforts to other employees of the club; we choose the depth we want to act as managers.

Also, for the first time in the portable version, you can enjoy the colorful mode directly inherited title desktop dimensional simulation as well and after eliminating all models in two dimensions Handheld versions, although allowed to follow the development of games without problems, it reflected a total lack of evolution from PC versions, offering outdated and unattractive appearance. Just do not expect amazing graphics or complex animations, since its staging is quite simple and sober. And as is standard franchise, the noise level is only reserved for sound effects matches, since during the countless menus absolute silence will be the keynote, which is also understood if we consider the number of hours we will pass on in menu and one or more melodies end up exhausted even the most patient player.

Football Manager 2015 Classic comes to iPad and Android tablets with all the skill of compatible version, taking first simulation games in three dimensional format and with the vast database with over 150,000 real players from around the world , something we already know from previous installments and that this time is enhanced with redesigned menus, adapting your style and size to our iPad touch interface. Yes, we found some aspects with some room for improvement and that it sure solved with future updates, as some bugs relating to lineups and an AI that will play tricks on us sometimes. And all for 19.99 euros, a price that may seem high in both the AppStore and Google Play but it is more accessible than the PC since the time of its release; On the other hand, the few options available via micro-payments are totally unnecessary, only for those who want to advance more quickly. And besides, fully localized into our language, something essential in a management degree as the present one with such a large number of texts.