Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns: Expansion - Fortaleza Overview

It's been almost three years since we ventured for the second time in the lands of Tyria thanks to Guild Wars 2. During this time, we have lived all kinds of adventures with other players, but if there is one facet of the game that really we have fun, this is undoubtedly the PvP side. Whether in large massive battles of World vs. World or on the battlefield, fighting against other users is one of the most fun experiences of Guild Wars 2.

So when it was announced that Heart of Thorns, its first expansion would include among its novelties a new gameplay PvP called Fortaleza, just taken by surprise, as it was clear that ArenaNet take the opportunity to improve and expand one of the strengths of its star game.

Last week a 24-hour public beta test this mode allowing one of its new exclusive maps, Twilight Champion, all users that logged into the title was held, and we had the chance to play several games with its developers and some fellow press, which allowed us to get a good idea of what it offers.

Fortaleza offers a battle between two teams of players with a clear objective: eliminate the enemy Guild Lord. As always, this is more easily said than done, because to achieve this goal first touch us overcome defenses against while avoiding falling ours, so the team play and good organization is here more important than any of the other modes, especially when we realize that there are many goals which we must be alert.

The map that we play is divided into two different lanes. Each guide to the opposite base, defended by several doors, soldiers and enemy players. While we can move just killing enemy players and guards (which will also give us points), if we only devote to it the more likely you end up suffering a bitter defeat.

One of the keys so we can generate additional units to help us to push for our lane. To do this, we must go to the center of the map to get resources, but carefully, as the collection point is the same for both teams need a few seconds without interrupting us or for us with them. Once we have them, we will go to the wall of our strength to invest, where we find two different doors.

Depending on the door we touch, generate archers or shred doors. The former are especially effective against rival guards and get remove in seconds if we give them some support, while the latter, as its name suggests, have the task of destroying the gates of the enemy fortress and so help us open way through its defenses. Yes, this unit can not fight and we will escort.

In this way, we will have to decide who attack to press, who defend and who are concerned with getting supplies to build more units. Also, as you can imagine, we cannot always keep the same strategy, so he often touch us divert troops from place to support another, tender occasional ambush, etc., as required by the situation.

To give more excitement to the battle, each team has a giant trebuchet that can be used both to attack and to defend, although this can also be destroyed by rivals. The good news is that we can repair it instantly using supplies, even if they have no end regenerating over time. In the game we play, the trebuchets are not overly used, although the few moments that take advantage of them knew the difference.

The last differentiator thus what we Heroes. These units are by far the most fearsome that can be generated, as they are able to smash the defenses of the opposing team with an amazing facility as not stop in time, but done with a hero is not a no easy task.

Every so often, an essence fog begins building in one of the two key points on the map (or maybe even in both at once). Once within 30 seconds after the fog began to form, have the opportunity to play it for a summoning spell that will generate a hero to join our cause. Doing this is a task that will take us 10 seconds and that obviously can be interrupted by the other team, so that you can get a good idea of the pitched battles that come into place every time he touches go for a hero as these will become our top priority.

We also noticed that the Heroes are especially effective against enemy Lords, so if we get that one reaches the commander of the opposing team, this may unleash its final attack to finish him, although the attack may be disrupted by opponents if they get attentive.

The first game we played in Fortaleza was a real mess and not get learn very well what was happening on the battlefield or what we had to do, since we do not organize too well, but from the second and yet fairly clear, with a clear strategy and our objectives and points of interest located well, things changed dramatically and began to really enjoy this new mode.

Each battle lasts approximately 15 minutes and we had a great organizing ourselves with our partners, developing strategies on the fly to adapt to what was happening during the game, working our way towards the base of the opposing team.

It is a very agile, fast, frantic and requires a lot of teamwork, so you don’t have too clear how fun it will be to play with strangers, a problem that drags the MOBA genre that is inspired slightly this modality. Yes, prepare an organized group with people of your guild and voice chat, and it has seemed a fantastic inclusion that brings a new, more strategic and fun way to enjoy the PvP in Guild Wars 2.

We are looking forward to seeing how will the rest of maps in this mode and include unique features that differentiate Twilight Champion, but for now, here is a good reason for us to Heart of Thorns when it goes on sale this year. And all this without forgetting the new areas, new adventures, new profession and other developments that lie ahead.