Maná will release its new album “Cama Incendiada” in April

Maná will release its new album “Cama Incendiada” (The Burning Bed) on April 21.

The heartache after a divorce and the explosion of feelings came to the songs of the Maná’s new album, “Cama Incendiada” (The Burning Bed), transformed into the joy that follows a sexy album, full of raunchy lyrics and mergers exotic rhythms.

Fher Olvera, vocalist and composer of most of the issues, said he was crossing in a dark sides after a break, when he wrote many of the lyrics of this album, which goes on sale next April 21.

The group invited several media studies to hear its ninth studio album, which includes songs like Mi Verdad” featuring Shakira, "Adicto a tu amor", and the album’s title track "La Cama Incendiada", highlighting the importance of this highly symbolic object on which humans pass almost half of their lives.

"There is born, grows, reproduces and dies. Love sometimes generates many flames that can be converted into ashes," said the singer, who presented each of the topics explaining its rhythms and its meaning.

According to Alex Gonzalez, drummer, "is a very eclectic album that has hints of evolution and" songs that fans who have followed us throughout life they will remember the beginnings of Mana, but with a sound freshest ".

"The album was produced by American George Noriega, producer of artists like Ricky Martin, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, who embodied much talent and forced the group to get out of our comfort zone to try to do different things and risking other things musically talking," said Gonzalez.

Among the ten themes of The Burning Bed is Mi Verdad, a duet with Shakira, which aired a few weeks ago and he told Olvera, he composed for his son Dalí, who among his drama was as "oasis" in the desert.

"This topic is where the only political claim is made to discuss the 'doctrines', 'speakers' and 'dictators', something directed 'to Venezuela and Mexico' by all the corruption, which is cancer of Latin America," Olvera.

Although Mexico is not going through its best, for its security problems, the album Mana has almost no references to its country, although the band has always been known for being quite critical.