Mortal Kombat X (iOS / Android): gameplay tips

Mortal Kombat X : tips for playing mobile version of the game (iOS / Android)

Mortal Kombat X arrived to mobile devices with versions for iOS and Android , but with a very different gameplay and evolution of style that is seen in the edition for PS4 , Xbox One and PC . Although the graphics and visual are similar, it is possible to use a single MK manner. Check out some tips on how to play.

Daily Log

Mortal Kombat X functions as a kind of social game in the mobile version, and therefore has characteristics common to this type of game, as daily logins for those who always visit the game every day.

To achieve these benefits, just remember to open the game at least once a day, every day. So you need to open a letter, among various secret, and define what you can earn, whether coins or prizes for the characters.

Battle Mode

For now, the battle mode is the only way to play Mortal Kombat X on mobile devices. Soon the game will receive updates such as the mode of factions existing in the version for consoles.

But do not worry, because you can have fun in the battle mode. Simply tap the option to face the front of enemies, from group to group, and, if they win, receive their rewards according to the victory.

Inside the battle so we have a large map, showing the towers where you will find your group of opponents. These towers can be conquered with the victories and then destroyed - serves as controlling the evolution of your progress.

Customize Champion

Each character, or champion, you achievement in MKX Mobile can be customized, from basic features to blows, equipment or elements that benefit you for future clashes.

To customize your fighters just go on the team option and choose which one you want to modify, then be aware of the fields that are available - others will be unlocked as your progress throughout the adventure.


The equipment is manufactured according to their performance in the struggles, in the letters of the daily login and get other benefits surprises that will appear over your results, whether at roulette luck or in wins.

The equipment can be fitted in the specific menu and one at a time in each space. Where to get better equipment, do not delay to test its performance and see if it's better than what you currently use.


The brackets are benefits and characters that can help you in fights. They are unlocked over time and can, for example, increase the power of your stroke, increase your energy for a limited time or even invite a fighter to help you with a special attack.

The supports may be configured at a time and can be used continuously or only form, depending on the type of media it is. Of course you can test before you set, then follow this path.


The struggles of the main mode are usually in trio. Touch the screen to switch your fighter or simply wait for the current die for the next take. The same goes for the opponents, so be careful when changing.

Remember, the main mode offers a number of fights, so keep an eye on the counter that appears at the top of the screen to not get lost and think that is running that particular series. This also prevents you exit the game and lose your progress ahead of time.


The controls on the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X are all based on the touch screen of the touch devices. Simply tap once on the screen to give an attack or several rings to apply a combo, for example.

Two fingers on the screen cause your player to defend and when the bar is full, you can touch it to activate a special. Special usually ask extra touches, combined with what appears on the screen - an arrow to the right, for example, calls for the player to swipe the right on the apparatus.