Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: Blacksmith Shop - forging, gems, flames, characters

On her gem furnace cylinder furnace cylinder and gems can forge. The latter you can install into the vacant slots in your equipment to enhance the character values or to get special bonuses. The system, which is behind the jewel stove, is not quite so easy to see through. That you may nevertheless manage to forge even high-profile gems with powerful effects, here is a detailed explanation of the forging system and a list of character statistics.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D: How the forging system works

Basically, there are two different types of materials, namely, crystals and cylinders for the forging process. Crystals can be found in the game world or get it as a reward from defeated enemies, while cylinders are more usable "waste products" that arise during forging, unless purity is achieved over 100% - more on that later. In the Item Overview Now you can find several forged elements which are arranged according to the stages I to V. Although it can be thrown into the furnace all at once up to eight elements, but only those of the same level. So you can only combine with crystals or cylinders Stage II Stage II crystals! Each element has one or more effects to a certain degree of purity. The goal of forging it is now driving up this high purity by cheering on over 100% since then produced a gem - and gems are the objects that can be used in the equipment.

Have you selected the elements that you want to throw in the oven together, you can click on "Confirm" button and specify a character as a pitcher and as a technician in the next dialog box. The thrower comes with a special effect, the technician assists him. Each character now has different special effects as well as launcher entirely different strengths and weaknesses as a technician. But that's not all - added the flame.

There are three different flame colors that can occur during the forging process. These have different effects on the forged object in the oven. Namely:

Red Flame: Increases purity of a single effect to 3-10%. The reinforcing effect is if there are several effects (eg AGI and eth) randomly distributed on this one!

Blue Flame: Increases purity of all effects by 1-5%.

Green Flame: Fills cylinder beams on (to the right of effects) by 30-70%. The cylinder beam affects the purity of the forged object is not, but indicates how many cylinders you can create it at the end of the "radicals" (ie, values below 100%). The cylinder increases depending on a value.

Each character has a technician now different affinities for the individual flames. In the best case, the affinity is an "expert" at worst "bad" (an overview can be found below). The higher the affinity of a technician for a specific flame color, the more likely they will perform at the forge! So it pays to choose character constellations in which complement each launcher and technicians optimal. An example is the combination of Melia as a launcher (Blue Flame +) and Sharla as a technician (affinity for blue flame: good). There are a number of suitable combinations, depending on what you want to achieve in the forging process.

Strengths and weaknesses of the characters

Each character on your team can participate both as a pitcher and as a technician in the forging process. However, it the characters have different abilities that affect the forging prevail. The following is a list of strengths per flame color and special effects, when the character is used as a thrower:

Launcher: (a fever state is reached faster)
Technician: red flame - normal; blue flame - normal; green flame - good

Bowler: Red Flame (Stronger purity increase in flame red)
Technician: red flame - expert; blue flame - weak; green flame - weak

Bowler: Green Flame (cylinder beams increases strongly with a green flame)
Technician: red flame - weak; blue flame - good; green flame - normal

Thrower Combo (purity increases at a constant flame)
Technician: red flame - good; blue flame - weak; green flame - normal

Thrower: Blue Flame (Stronger purity increase in blue flame)
Technician: red flame - weak; blue flame - expert; green flame - weak

Launcher: Launcher Rash (whichever is twice forged in a row)
Technician: red flame - bad; blue flame - bad; green flame - expert

Person 7
Launcher: (cylinder bar starts at 3)
Technician: red flame - bad; blue flame - expert; green flame - bad

 Forge High Quality Gems

The trick behind the whole system, it is now possible to forge high quality gems. To forge a gem whose level is higher than that of the starting materials, the purity of over 200% must be - at a purity of between 100% and 200% just a jewel is made of the same level. The aim is thus to achieve a purity of more than 200%. To accomplish this, it is now possible to use high quality raw materials with the lowest possible number of effects. For this cylinder is the first choice because it is well known, can produce them itself.

Optimally, your starting materials should say for example look before forging a higher level jewel as: Cylinder 1 (effect X purity 90%) + cylinder 2 (effect X purity 90%).

As a result, it gained even before forging a purity of 180% and this must drive during forging by only 20% in the level to get to the next stage jewels. But first this sounds easier than it is, because one question remains: Whence do you get these high quality raw materials? Which are not simply around somewhere.

To access this, you have it - you can already think of you - forge itself. For this, you can take ordinary crystals, low purity and attempt to drive up to a purity of 90-99% and then convert them into cylinder. Then combined these two cylinders and already you is poised to forge your first gem!

Later in the game you can forge VI even rare jewels with stage. For this, however, you must achieve a purity of more than 300%. You can, however, use the same approach as described above, but must first get before or forge the necessary raw materials.

Save! Save! Save!
Very important for the handling of rare and expensive crystals and cylinders to save just before the forging process is. Because even with the best planning can quickly go wrong and the purity is just below 200% again and again - so had you wasted valuable materials. Have you been saved, you can directly load the game.

Unlock Portable Gem Stove

At the beginning you can only use the oven jewel in Jewel uncle in colony 9. Later in the game, after you have reached the bottom of Satorl, you can, however, also a portable stove jewel unlock what you spared the constant detour pleasant. Head over to this in colony 6 and begins to rebuild (see "Reconstruction of Colony 6"). Then you instruct the jewel uncle with a quest to gather some materials. These materials get conveniently as a reward for reaching the first construction stage of the reconstruction of colony 6. Give the materials from that and you can also forge mobile!