FFX / X-2 HD Remaster (PS4) best armor and weapons

List of best armor and weapons in Final Fantasy X - X-2 HD Remaster (PS4)

The weapons of Solaris are often considered the best in the game, but their greatest advantage is the effect on each of them coupled.

In fact, the best weapons are the flex arms. You can buy as soon as you defeat Boss Yunalesca. The only dealer who possesses, Wantz is at the beginning of Macalania Woods (seen from the Thundering Steppes out). He also owns Flex armor.

Flex kit has four empty slots. You get the items needed for the conversion in the special monsters to the Monster Farm.

Have proved the following combinations, particularly against the toughest opponents as Black Beast, judges and Deus:


- Hit-Expander
- Preemptive strike
- Spell counter
- Evasive counter

The two counters are optional, depending on the preferences you can also take attack + 30% and another strong Extra.

When Lulu and Yuna:

- Hit-Expander
- Preemptive strike
- Magic Turbo

MP 1


- HP expander
- Loop
- Car Did
- Auto-Phoenix

MP expander would indeed be in the toughest battles also great, but also the other extras are important. So rather use three heavenly bodies!