Foo Fighters pay tribute to AC / DC and Bryan Adams

Calling themselves Foo Fighters, Metal Chevy made a few versions of rock classics, including AC / DC and Bryan Adams.

To take a break from the world tour sonic highways, the Foo Fighters decided to give a surprise concert on May 9th at the California - Conejo Valley Days Fair, playing 18 songs with tributes to AC / DC, Bryan Adams among several classic rock bands.

The event was announced with the name of Chevy Metal, which is actually the name of the cover Taylor Hawkins, and evidently did not get much attention, but the curious who decided to stand in front of the modest scenario the shock of seeing were carried Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflet, former member of The Wallflowers and usual collaborator of Foo Fighter, Rami Jaffe, and member of Chevy Metal and The Bird of Satan, Wiley Hodgden, climbing onto the stage.

It's really interesting to see that not many people took notice of what was going on, as we know that the Foo Fighters are able to convene and even many people passed in front of the tent without even noticing is that Dave Grohl is there, singing quietly.