Project Cars (Xbox one) career mode guide

Project Cars attaches great importance to realism, so the racing days are divided in career mode along the lines of real racing series in different events. Not every racing series includes the same events, so we would you take a quick look in our racing class guide recommended.

To help you get started, we will show you in the following posts in Career Mode:

Sprint race
Feature race
Invitation Events

In addition to the career mode and its events, there are the following events:

Free Practice
Fast race weekend
Draw up
Fast random choice
Time Trial
Online search
Community Event


The training takes place at each race day as the first. It serves to familiarize yourself with the route instructions before it continues with the qualifying. Depending on racing class will be held up to two training sessions per day of the race. As a rule, a training session takes 10 minutes, but you can adjust and increase to up to 30 minutes, the exact length in the settings before each race day. After this time the training is completed automatically and it then goes to the second workout on.

During training, you start from the pit lane and tell you the route with your competitors. The pit lane is open, the complete training session for repairs, tire changes and refueling stops.

When you're done with your workout before time runs out, you can simulate the rest and go to the next event at this race day.

We encourage you to become thoroughly familiar with the peculiarities of the track and (at least) to enjoy a workout before you start to qualifying.


After the training sessions, qualifying followed. In this event it comes to the starting positions in the following race. The goal is to drive the fastest lap possible is to you to secure a good grid position.

Qualifying consists of two separate units. Depending on your personal settings will take a unit, just like in training, between 10 and 30 minutes. After this time your grid position is determined in the race on the basis of your best lap time.

The fastest lap in the first qualifying determines the starting place in the sprint race, while the fastest lap in the second qualifying determines the starting position in the main race.

Caution: In each racing class to determine the grid position is different! Shipyard. 

You start from the pit lane and also have to get to share the track with other drivers. Unlike in training the pit lane is open in qualifying only for repairs and pit stops.

When you have completed the training, you should be sufficiently prepared to achieve an excellent lap time. Remember that your lap time will be invalid if it strays from the track. Opponents slow you down too much, so we recommend you to take only in attacking your Hotlap when the track is clear before you. Refit if necessary.

If you are of the opinion that your lap was fast enough, you can be simulated the rest of the event go to the next event.

Sprint Race

After the qualifying the sprint race followed. This is simple circuit races, usually only about 2 laps. Unlike the main race there is no mandatory pit stop here. Your place on the grid was determined by your fastest lap time in the first qualifying session. Nevertheless, you get a perfect score (as in our racing classes guide visible) for the championship credited.

The pit lane is open during this time for repairs and tire changes, but not for refueling (except Endurance).

Depending on your class you start either standing or with a flying start. When flying start is caution, as its only take control over your vehicle when the traffic light is green. This may, depending on the route cause the KI your car half steers into the curve and you suddenly take control during cornering.

From a pit stop we advise in this race from as far as possible, since the fuel amount is enough, no one else runs into the box and you would fall back only senseless. During training and in qualifying you have made sufficiently familiar with the route to a place in the top three to overtake you with ease.

Feature Race

Finally follow the main race. This race is going to usually about 5 laps, forcing you to make at least one pit stop, because otherwise you will be disqualified. Depending on the racing class the race starts flying or standing. When flying start is again caution, because the AI often leaves you the control of your vehicle in unpredictable situations (eg in the middle of curves).

Your starting point is directed, depending on racing class, the best lap time in the second qualifying session. During the race, the pit lane is opened after the second round of repairs and the mandatory tire change. Refueling (except Endurance Series) are not allowed. Your race engineer logs on to you, as soon as the best time has come for a pit stop.

At the end of the race day, the points awarded and the presentation ceremony follows. Then it automatically goes back into your office.

Invitation Events

In the course of your career gets invitations to "guest appearances". Driving at these events you with a predetermined car from completely different categories. So for example, you make an event, in which you shall drive a stock car, although you belong to the GT3 class.

The event is structured just like a normal race weekend. Your completed only workouts, then qualifying and races later.

The same rules apply as for any other career events, which means that your settings can adjust regarding AI and duration of the race here.

Free Practice

In our racing classes guide we recommend you in some places in advance to train in this mode to make you familiar with the specifics of the vehicle. Here you can train on any track and specify parameters such as weather settings to your heart's content with any vehicle.

In free practice do not meet to competitors and consequently have all the way for you alone. Free practice has no influence on your career.

Fast Race Weekend

This mode is set up as the "Free Training". You can select a any vehicle and a route. In addition, you can race all parameters, such as the strength of the opponent or the Startup Type (Photo) set.

If you have compiled your own race weekend, it is, depending on the setting, once the race starts. During the race the respective rules apply your racing class . Should you the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 drive, the regulations of the GT3 class applies. In contrast to the career mode, there are no Championship points.

The pit lane is for repairs, tire changes and open (depending on the racing class) for refueling.

Draw Up

This mode allows you quick weekend to drive online against players from around the world. The principle is the same as in fast racing weekend. You choose your vehicle, then the route and then you can still change a number of parameters. In addition, you can define restrictions (photo), for example, relate to the perspective.

You can make these race weekends either publicly, so that every driver can enter and ride in the lobby, or discourage private. Then only "invited guests" and AI drivers can participate.

Fast Random Choice

There is not much to say about this mode. This is a fast race weekend, which you exit offline against AI opponents. Here, the game assumes all settings and tells you a race weekend to, or it connects you in an already running weekend.

On the vehicle, route and parameters you have no impact in this mode.

Time Trial

In this mode, you ride a race against the stopwatch, and compete against the world's fastest drivers Community. You choose a vehicle, and a distance and can see how much time to beat the table.

Then you find yourself after a flying start alone on the track again. Unlike in qualifying, you must not drive all the warm-up lap, but only a few curves to the start / finish line. If you crossing the finish line, your time is measured.

Should you stray from the route, the round is invalid.

During this session, the pits for repairs, changing tires and refueling is open.

Online Search

In this mode, you can search for online games that your settings match (Photo). You will directly connected in the respective event. The rules of the selected racing class. This event is similar to the fast race weekend, but their created here none, you have instead join the possibility ongoing, public events.

Community Events

It is time-limited community-race, mostly time trials. The whole resembles the public events of Forza Motorsport 5 or Gran Turismo 6. You can pit yourself against other drivers under the same conditions. This mode does not affect the progress of your career.

This event is based on the time trial, however, change the parameters here permanently, thus constantly creating new challenges.