TLOZ - Majora's Mask 3D (3DS) 5 Ways to Get Rupees

1) You Need: Tail Hook

Imagine in South Clock Town with a view of the Carnival Tower. If you see something right, you realize an increase that is relatively unobtrusive. This is a box. Pull up the catch hook to said box and can extract its 100 Rupees. On 1st and 2nd day you can go from this platform to the Carnival tower. There you can extract another 20 Rupees.

2) You Need: Goron skin

In the snowy ceps on the plain of Termina (outside the entrance to Pic Herbinia) daytime run some Dodongos around. Beat them with 3 Goron blows, you will receive a total of 100 Rupees. A small Dodongo brings 15 or 20 Rupees. Jump in the hole, which can be found next to the mushroom to the staircase, you can see two more Dodongos. Defeat them, you will receive a further 100 rubies. Every time they jump into the hole and go out again, the three Dodongos on the surface reappear.

3) You Need: Goron skin

Roll by tussock, instead cut them down with a sword, you gain blue rupees.

4) You Will Need: At Least A Bottle

From 10:00 clock the evening of curiosities shop has opened in West Clock Town. Bring it to him a filled bottle (beetles, water, fish, mushrooms, ...) you get for 20 Rupees. For gold dust (which you can win the Goron race) gets you 200 Rupees. Even you can sell the Deku Princess.

5) You Need: Camera

In the bottom center, after Koume've helped sell photos. For each image you get 5 rupees. For an Oktorok you get 20 Rupees. Under the Marsh Center you can easily photograph the Oktorok that blocks a tunnel and come so easy to rupees. This action is a bit time consuming.