Transistor (PS4) Sybill Reizs, The Spine, Royce Boss guide

Transistor (PS4) Boss Sybill Reizs, The Spine, Royce (Final Boss) guide

In transistor there are only three bosses. You can find some useful tips here to defeat these bosses.

1. Bosses - Sybill Reizs

Sybill Reizs can plug in pretty much as well as dish out. It is therefore important to protect yourself from it between the turns. You've got to do a total of four times before it is defeated.

Recommended functions: Breach, Mask + Jaunt

Procedure: Since Breach properly deals damage, which should be the attack of your choice. Between Turns the combination of Mask and Jaunt is very helpful. Firstly, this combination accelerates the cool down time of Turns and on the other you will be visible and quickly. Thus you can yourselves Sybill quickly to safety and wait until the turn again is charged. However, you should consider aside you Mask + Jaunt for dicey moments. Because the cool down time of 10 seconds, this function is not automatically after each turn available. Hot Spots moments arise especially when Sybill pushes you into a corner. Should you in such a case could not flee fast enough, the costs neat health.

2. Bosses - The Spine

This opponent is actually a lot more harmless than it looks. Even if you do not always manages to dodge the tail or to bring to hunker down shots, provides the backbone represents no great danger.

Recommended functions: Breach + Crash + Ping, Spark + Load

Procedure: Each attack actually looks the same. Your changes to Turn, selects a Breach and fill the rest of the turns with Sparks. Although achieving Sparks not so much damage as Breach, however, can in this way the turn - use bar efficiently and their obsolete per attack out up to 100 damage points. That pays off on the fight.

Whenever The Spine withdrawn 1000 energy points, breaking a part of him and respawn cells flying around. This should collect her quickly because any resulting harmful cells only waste time and turn - Returns bar.

Important: Should you help have fitted, dispensed with in this fight to its use. As soon you have your four-legged companion summoned he is gone again. The tail of spine beats him namely at a stroke to a pulp. Concentrate between Turns prefer on your coverage and it lest caught the tail.

3. Bosses - Royce (final boss)

As Royce also uses a transistor in the final battle, you see yourself for the first time faced with an opponent who turns can use. Therefore, it is as soon as possible to switch to Turn before you before coming Royce important at every opportunity.

Recommended features:

-PassiveFunction 1 Function 2 Function 3

Juant BreachVoid Mask
Upgrade 1-Ping Purge  Load
Upgrade 2 -TapSpark Crash

Procedure: In the Turns bombard Royce twice each with Void and fill the remaining Turn with Breaches. Make sure that you attack with Breach from behind in order to generate additional damage. Between Turns you can now and then use mask. This invisible and harms Royce through the two upgrades Load and Crash. This of course only works if you stand reasonably near Royce. With this tactic you have to Royce within three turns.