Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Chapter 1: Prison - walkthrough

Having recovered a little, you already hear the voice of Wesley. Apparently the Nazis quartered him very close to you in this rat hole. Go to the grid (right of their place on the ground a small gap behind the fishing you can get a letter).

Find an escape route
Even as Wesley tells a farce of his childhood, he is dragged to an interrogation with Rudi hunters from his cell. To find enough time for you a way out. Turn around exactly 180 degrees and climb to the pipe up that breaks shortly thereafter. Take on the two tube parts and turn you thus roughened wall where you can climb with these aids, by alternately pushing your shoulder triggers.

Find Wesley
Once at the top you should quickly take cover to avoid the patrolling guard. In the left corner of the plant behind you you'll find a health pack, which nearly hauls you back to normal levels. Then sneak cautiously to green electricity generator in front of you and hold the indicated button to turn off the power (you have to press and hold it)

Now go to the thick, greenish gate and clamp also here left the power. When passing you let automatically back your gun. Now you have to repeat this process, you have to deal with two guys, so your timing should be even more precise. Do you have the first type to its knees, you can also turn off the second with a weapon, but the bar path is preferable in any case. Then immediately go through the next gate.

Take the map of the wall and possibly health from the table, before you run over the bridge on the left.

Move absolutely caution so as not to awaken the sleeping mechanical watchdog. Overwhelmed Instead, in his sleep and grab the armor that drop.

Now it gets really hairy. In the following section you will get it right with several machines at once soldiers to do their own little section with four have (they patrol "only" around generator) and a pacing off the entire area. It is here the linchpin, which you should always keep in mind, to avoid being shot down from behind. Again the Note: With luck and target water you can turn off the guys though also with their own weapons. That is not recommendable - especially on the difficult levels.

So how to proceed? Essentially, that is entirely your choice. You can basically kill every machine soldier, or you shimmy from one cover to the next (while diligently piece together the numerous pieces of armor in the field) and secretly disconnect at the end of the power supply of the door. A combination can lead to success, such as when you switch off the last soldiers to get a slightly larger window of time during deactivation of the gate. Either way, however, the following applies: Never be arrogant, since the machines guys shred within moments with their guns. The shade is your best friend.

Turn around in the next field to the left and immediately jump there to the pipes on the wall. Follow them to the armor and let yourself fall on the stairs there down. Here you can find more health packages and listen to the guards who were like an old married couple arguing again. Go to the area to the left at the end of the rails and climbing on the wall opposite the collapsed rack. Scurry into the ventilation shaft, until you get to the "crossroads". Right find the first Collectable Gold. Go down when the machine soldier has flipped. Now you can either open the wooden box in front of you and turn the gun in the Rambo mode, or take the two guys here in the usual way by the two power supplies on the dock on the left.

Cut at the end of the range once again the power and go into the adjacent area. Run straight and keep right. Push the car as far as it goes and respect the left of you in small bow on the sleeping dog. Kill him undetected. Now you can either scurry right of the vehicle through the opening in the wall to you to sneak parallel to the path of the guard, or you walk a little more courageous in the back by the great transition -. Your cause

Sooner or later you have to go through a hole in the right side hatch, because a gate, in front is also guard and the path is obstructed. Directly on the other side have to cut another power, which you should take care to avoid detection by the guard on the other side.

Run the next area through the gate and overwhelm the machines soldier. Then turn on the power behind the lift and ride with that plane down. There you can turn off the power again in order to paralyze the first watch. Then go through the hole in the wall right of the elevator (in the direction in which you will also find guards). At the end of the path you wait to the rear of the remaining machines soldiers out and continue to scurry through the hole a few feet back on the same side again in safety. Now you just need to cut an additional power supply, while the last guard turned toward you back.

Run straight ahead, climb up on the wall and through the ventilation shaft. Drop down when the mechanical watchdog do not look straight in your direction and crawl left into the slot in the wall next to the first prison cell. Kill the sleeping dog before you open the cover on the bottom and you let fall.

Follow the catacomb to the open area with the waterwheels at which separates the way. To go further, you smash the rotten wall on the left in the adjacent room, enter and go a few meters.

Follow the linear path that let you climb twice on a wall upwards until it stands in a cell. Impose on the sleeping dog and flit through the open ventilation shaft on the other side. You enter into the open ventilation duct. Kill Again the Penn four-legged friends, can climb straight ahead and climb up the ladder. Here you have to be a little more cautious again, not the machine soldiers to run into them. Disable its power, it makes all and follow the path up the stairs to the top where you open the ventilation shaft a little further up.

Climb through to the adjacent cell block. You speak with the occupant and open the grid a few feet behind him. Blazkowicz blocked it with his pipe; you have now on the open gap (press left stick) and press the crouch button to go with a casual rider to the next area.

Go immediately to the far right and claw you the card. The mental state of free loitering inmates here the Nazis must have cruel things done to them. But is not your beer: swallow the unpleasant mood and go on the other side through the open cell door. Open the cover and jump down a level.

Note: If you sleep on this bed, Blazkowicz has a dream and makes you a "slightly" modified version of the original version of Wolfenstein game. Nice thing that it already had in the main game.

Down there nothing to pick so run to the opposite side and enter the door on the right, after which you grab a guard. The whole thing looks a bit like an autonomous cutscene - but it is not! So hammering immediately to the shoulder buttons to pull the guy your pipe over his face. On the other hand, you look for the first time again Wesley.

Link above the table you open on the ceiling ventilation shaft and climbs through until you let yourself fall down. Here you must necessarily remain under cover until the huge guard dog went to another area. Hurry up and then run to the door at mid-height on the other side. Open it, slips through: done - for now. Run up the stairs and then keep yourselves left - and immediately left on the wall. Chances are that is not bad, that you found the dog with its paws suggests to you. Only at the edge you are safe. Then follow the path to the other side until you can open a ventilation shaft again approximately in the middle area. You fall a few steps down.

Now you will first confronted with commanders. These guys are very dangerous and can call for backup, however, be located in the upper right corner of the screen by minimalist radar. In these cases always try to take the commander as early as possible to cut off the supply.

In this case, the first guy is quick: jump at the end of the shaft down and go down to the left up the stairs. Wait briefly, if another guard behind the commander - they will crumble equal. Then you can turn off the boss secretly. Then take out the card from the wall and do the other guy in this field. Now you can instantly move right to the stairs, where another soldier patrolling, or you go left of him in the dark storeroom, you will find your first grenade in addition to health. Now you have to decide whether you want to proceed quietly or the action variant preferred. We recommend the latter, as this not only makes a lot more fun, but it also so much, can save a lot of time, as the following sections teeming from enemies.

Point the power supply of the barge restores
So shooting is you best way. You'll find away much ammo, armor and health, which makes the whole thing much easier (tried but necessarily not to consume everything - you'll see why). Also you can shoot red barrels that explode in a big ball of fire and tear nearby enemies with to their deaths. Halfway you will find the disused barge, which you can leave for now left.

You finally arrive at a bridge to the past commander and a switch, which establishes the power back on. Also you will find your first fight gun here.

Entering Castle Wolfenstein
Once you have pulled the lever, the game starts over. Dozen specialist trundles again that can be very good take of your elevated position targeted. Shoot everyone and everything to the wind, then you should inflate your health and armor again to the maximum before you get into the boat and set the wheels in motion.

Now it's about: The Kahn continues automatically on the move and you should immediately manning the gun. You can even detach it, but this is anything but recommended because you thus have very little ammunition. In the following minutes you have to keep all hostile from the body and shoot, there's no tomorrow. You can thereby calmly in continuous fire act as their infinite ammunition and have the MG and can not overheat. Pay attention also to explosive barrels on the edge of the area, because they are often easier to hit as soldiers and with a little luck taking multiple enemies at once with the grave.

After an eternity you've finally made it. Now you are at the dock. Here you just need to leave the boat and pull the switch to complete the first chapter.