Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PC) Classes tips

There are 4 classes of the Archer, Weapons Servant, Pikeman and Knight.

Each class has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Archer

The archer is primarily a ranged unit. Therefore, the archer is not armored and has only a weak melee weapon but can run faster.

As Archer you're easy prey for weapons servants, pikemen and knights when these get at him at close range. One should best be located in the background or on an elevated position.

The Weapon Servant

The weapons servant is just as fast as the archer only he has in addition a light armor can strike faster because it uses only one-handed weapons, depending on the player's choice is a sign of this plate simplifies the Block. Perfect to strike from ambush.

The Pikeman

The pikemen wearing a mediocre defense and is not particularly fast, he uses long two-handed weapons. This allows him to damage also by a greater distance opponents. Furthermore, you can equip him with throwing weapons. Pikemen are a good unit to keep enemies at bay.

The Knight

However, the knight is the most armored class he is also the slowest and he also used two-handed weapons. Can still use as a primary weapon, handed weapons with Morgenstern also equip like the pikemen and can equip the Knight with throwing weapons. The Knights spread out a lot of damage and can even properly plug. He is a good class at the front.