iOS 9: list of Compatible Devices with the new system

The Apple announced the news of iOS 9, the next version of the Operating System, on Monday (8). Among them, a power saving mode, which promises up to three drum overtime in the iPhone and the Siri updated, more like the Google Now. In addition, iOS receive new native apps and other updates. Users of the iPad Air 2 may also experience the first time, a real multitasking on the tablet.

With the new features, the iOS 9 promises to further enhance the experience on the devices. The version for developers can now be downloaded. And in July, the company will release a beta testing. But when in Nov iOS will be available to all users? The Apple did not mention. Apple merely said that by the end of the year, it will be released officially.

The Apple also surprised to inform that it will release iOS 9 for a wide range of devices, even with four years of use, such as the iPhone 4S . See the list of devices that will be upgraded to iOS 9:


iPad 2 ;
iPad 3rd Generation ;
iPad 4th Generation ;
iPad Air ;
iPad Air 2 ;
Mini iPad .


iPhone 4S ;
iPhone 5 ;
iPhone 5C ;
iPhone 5S ;
iPhone 6 ;
iPhone 6 Plus ;
iPod Tuch 5th Generation .

what's new! in iOS

All devices that support iOS 8 will be updated to iOS 9 with new features. Apple also said it would develop the new system so that it is not heavy on older machines. Now, just 1.3 GB free on the device to migrate to iOS 9. In the previous iOS had to monstrous 4.6 GB.