Lego Jurassic World (PC) - cheat codes, tips

Easy Money farms without multipliers

As in so many other LEGO games, there are the multipliers in order but you get quick and easy money, the red bricks must be found first. To apply my method, only the following must be done:

Complete story of Jurassic Park 1.

50 Golden Bricks / Stones

Once this is done you can with the right amount of golden bricks in the enclosure where the Mission Welcome to Jurassic Park can be seen on the map big dino Summoning platforms get in one of these a T-Rex. This may consist of the cage out and you can go almost anywhere and destroy everything with normal attacks or his roar to Studs to collect. This method can, of course, to attract Studs with the ability and the multipliers are improved.

Cheat Codes

Here are some codes (Red Bricks Codes) for the PC version of Lego Jurassic World
  • Studs Score Multiplier x2 - 5MZ73E
  • Minikit detector - JYJAFX
Unlockable Characters:

  • Jurassic Park Warden (Female) - 8WY3FV
  • Jurassic Park Warden (Male) - XJS7UY
  • John Hammond (The Lost World) - PR2R6Y
  • ACU Trooper/Guard (Female) - AU25GR
  • ACU Trooper/ Guard (Male) - 28SPSR
  • Carlos - VK3TP3
  • Carter - 9GESXP
  • Cooper - 5BETZ5
  • Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica) with his Hawaiian shirt - RAVKRT
  • Dieter Stark - EKCKLC
  • Dino Handler Vic or Bob - YQ6S7Z
  • Ellie Degler - AV9DTJ
  • Gyrosphere operator Josh - 9NGZZQ
  • Henry Wu (Jurassic World) - A3HC7E
  • InGen guard Jerry - QKBCWT
  • InGen hunters - 38YWVR
  • InGen mechanic - RMVVB8
  • InGen Mercenary AKA InGen Contractor - VZRSD3
  • InGen Scout AKA InGen Hunter 1 - 8XL359
  • Jimmy Fallon - 6MKHSG
  • John Hammond (Lost World) - PR2R6Y
  • Juanito Rostagno - XTH9A3
  • Jurassic Park jeep driver - 3FE78R (Turns same time also an SUV free)
  • Jurassic Park Warden (Female) - 8WY3FV
  • Jurassic Park Warden (Male) - XJS7UY
  • Jurassic World Paddock Worker - BX9Z6R
  • Jurassic World park rangers - GW9TGH
  • Jurassic World Worker AKA Ranger (Female) - L5AU6Y
  • Nash (Runway) - BRLNWC
  • Raptor Handler Jenny - SXZ7CC
  • SS Venture crew member - 62539J
  • Scientists (Female) - XVXGXF
  • Scientists (Male) - SKKLWC
  • Udesky (Alt) - PFEBS6
  • Young Raptor handler from Jurassic World - 7VNLJT

Seek Mr. DNA help

Even with the focus on being a game for all audiences, LEGO Jurassic World may present more complicated passages that require players to perform a series of tasks to find items and solve puzzles.

When you need a helping hand to solve any complex part, approach Mr. DNA around the scene and press X / Square. This will open a screen with very useful tips, which are usually related to task.

Unlock and Collect 

In addition to advancing the main campaign, you can also spend time in search of coins of all colors. In addition to increasing the score, they guarantee more items unlocked at the end of each phase.

Be sure to collect good amounts of coins for each scenario. Thus, you get more characters, vehicles and even new dinosaurs to free mode.

Monitor Your Health Bar

With very few battles or relevant hazards, it is not uncommon to see players totally forgetting the existence of a life bar. This may result in easy deaths, which could compromise the advance.

Remember to always check the character's life and keep an eye for it. Some of the most common forms of damage are receiving electric fences, high falls and shocks with dinosaurs.

Keep An Eye On the Characters' Skills

One of the great charms of the games in the series is the different characters, all with different items and skills. This diversity is the key to advance, as you will need it to solve various puzzles or make way on some screens.

Use Y / Triangle to switch between characters and always keep an eye on the game's instructions, which will show which one is more qualified for the job. Among the most common are the use of weapons, higher heels and handling electric batons.

Destroy and Build

The vast majority of puzzles for solutions are to destroy items scattered through the scenarios and then use parts to build different tools such as jackhammers, stairs and vehicles.

When in some tricky part, use X / Square to destroy the items and try to repair parts jumping on the floor. Then just get close and hold the button B / Ball to build new items.

Follow the Blue Parts

Almost invisible in the scenarios, it is not difficult for any player check out the game's guide lines with coins and try to simply collect them. When you see the presence of small blue and transparent currencies follow them. This will take you to the next point of interest and will cause you to go in the campaign.

Save the Game

Lego Jurassic World has an outdated rescue system, which can cause you to lose minutes to turn off the console during a phase. To prevent this, save the game when you find one of the tokens scattered throughout the scenarios.