Batman Arkham Knight: Stop Penguin's arms smuggling operation

Complete guide to capture the Penguin / Gunrunner and stop his shady dealings!

Batman Arkham Knight - Help Wanted - someone is taking advantage of the chaos in Gotham to smuggle weapons hidden in trucks. With this guide you will succeed in stopping Penguin’s weapons smuggling and the trophy / objective Cold World.


Continuing in the main plot, about 50% completion of the CITY 'OF FEAR mission, you will be informed by Alfred that Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, is investigating some arms trafficking suspects and perhaps could also be involved Cobbelpot Oswald, the penguin. After completing the first part of the mission, you must always continue the main story to unlock the other at regular intervals. Check the wheel of missions to find out when they appear on the symbol of the new ABOUT SMUGGLING OF WEAPONS.


Missions are basically divided into 3 phases:

1. Follow the truck - After tracing the truck with Jammer, you'll scare the drivers and force them to flee. Flying between the roofs will need to follow the truck after some maneuvering back to the base.

2. Enter the shelter and spread the enemies - you reach the enemy base, you'll have to find a way to get in and take out all enemies intent on packing weapons, to help us in this endeavor will also Nightwing with which to perform acrobatic double KO.

3 Exploding weapons – To destroy Penguin's weapons you'll have to spray the explosive gel on the weapon caches.