Dying Light: see how to get weapons in the survival horror game

Dying Light, game that brings a zombie apocalypse mixed with parkour, also value users who prefer direct confrontation. There are a number of different weapons available for the game and they can be obtained in many different ways. Check out some of the ways to find them.

Free Weapons

One way to get some of the most basic weapons is looking for Quartermaster, the foreman who manages the resources of the base. There, you always have the right to a low level weapon as his "free part" in the group. Inventories are replaced at certain intervals, but these free weapons are also very weak.

Weapons Dealers

One of the best options to get good weapons in Dying Light is making use of the world vendors. The stock of them improves depending on the level of his group "Survivor" and sometimes you can find some deals on the spread map sellers. They are marked by the dollar symbol "$" and are also available at the grassroots.

Weapons in Chests

It is very common to find several chests scattered in various locations of Dying Light. Most often, they have two items, one of them being an item for crafting or food, and the other some varied level of weapon. It is worth mentioning that the chest is locked the gun in it is probably better than a unlocked. Use lockpicks to open it.

Weapons of Henchmen Rais

Some of the characters who walk with the best weapons in the game easy way to get are the henchmen of Rais, who occasionally appear during the adventure. Sometimes when you walk around the map appears an icon with blue sound waves. It indicates which may be a group of thugs doing something. The only drawback is that they tend to be strong, then you need to have good weapons to face them.

Weapons of Defeated Enemies

Both human as zombies can use weapons in Dying Light. After killing the undead, you can pick up their weapons. Usually, they fall near the bodies. Obviously, human enemies usually have better weapons than the zombies who are content with sticks and pipes. They usually are not very strong, but they are enemies easier to kill than the henchmen of Rais.