CoD Advanced Warfare Reckoning Exo Survival guide

Call of Duty - Advanced Warfare offers you the Exo Survival mode where you need to fend off wave after wave of enemies with your fellow players. The first wave is as yet fairly easy to do, but the enemies tougher with each Respawn. The whole thing long 25 waves, then there is a "flip" and the count starts again and the enemies are even stronger. The whole thing until no player character lives. So you can not "win" per se.

CoD Advanced Warfare Reckoning - Exo Survival Guide - Basics of the Game mode

Before playing a round Exo Survival you choose one of four soldiers in Exo-armor. Each class has predefined skills and can only use certain weapons, unless you get the perk "Weapons Free".

Furthermore, your characters in the game can continue to pimp, by buying at certain points on the map upgrades. Upgrade stations with a blue weapon to give you new weapons and weapon enhancements. Place with a blue battledress icon bring you contrast enhancements for your armor and your Score streaks. You pay the upgrades with points win by completed rounds in the running game. Some upgrades will be unlocked until a certain round.

The four classes in Exo Survival Mode

Name Description Arms
Light Exo Fast and Agile class with low health points. - Machine Guns
- Assault Rifles
- Guns
Specialist Exo  Balanced Class with turrets, cloaking and extra ammunition. - Shotguns
- Sniper rifles
- Guns

Heavy Exo Class with many life points and good weapons. Moves slow and sluggish. - Heavy Weapons
- Guns
Demolitions Exo Balanced Class with rocket and grenade launchers. Can request as Scorestreak rocket attacks. - Thrower
- Machine Guns
- Guns

Exo Survival Guide - The individual maps and how you select

Always play only on a map is stupid, therefore the developers at Sledgehammer Games included maps at the Exo Survival mode. However, the playing fields are not open to everyone, you have to unlock the corresponding map stage by keeping a certain number of laps on the current level.

All maps in Exo Survival Mode

NameLevel / AccessName Level / Access
Ascend1Green belt 3 (access to the stage after 75 rounds at level 2)
Bio Lab1Recovery 3 (access to the stage after 75 rounds at level 2)
Retreat1Solar 3 (access to the stage after 75 rounds at level 2)
Detroit1Defender 3 (access to the stage after 75 rounds at level 2)
Horizon2 (access to the stage after 50 rounds at level 1)Riot 4 (Access to the stage after 100 rounds at level 3)
Comeback2 (access to the stage after 50 rounds at level 1)Core DLC Pack Havoc
Instinct2 (access to the stage after 50 rounds at level 1)Drift DLC Pack Havoc
Terrace2 (access to the stage after 50 rounds at level 1)Sideshow DLC Pack Havoc

UrbaneDLC Pack Havoc

Exo Survival Guide - Mission objectives and supplies

In order for the Plink will not be bored, throwing the game every few rounds a special mission objective into the fray. Example meadow you have to defend a particular position, defuse bombs and collect certain objects. Success offers you more reward points for upgrades.

However, failure penalizes you and your team, for example, by nano-swarms are let loose on you, show up turrets or your weapons for some time no longer work. Furthermore, care packages are discarded regularly, the additional Score streaks or perks included. If you can do none of this, there's instead upgrade points.

Exo Survival Guide - Tips and Tricks

- See that you always have the mission objectives done because you just mess up the penalty to higher rounds.

- The upgrades "Extended Mags", "Laser Sight" and "Exo Shield" are particularly useful, as well as "Weapons Proficiency" and "Armor".

- An additional Score streaks especially "Remote Turret" and "UAV" are particularly useful. But beware that no dog to throw your tower.

- The last lap on the stage-4 map Riot is a Zombie Round and the unofficial prelude to the exciting Exo-zombie mode.