Learn how to play Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (Android / Windows)

Learn how to play Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (FNAF4) (Android / Windows)

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is now available for Android and Windows. The game is the fourth installment of the popular series that began in 2014. Here, the challenge is to survive five days in his house with animatronics puppets trying to end his life. Learn to play this terrifying game.

Purchasing the game

To play the game on your Android smartphone, just visit the Google app store for your smartphone or by browsing through its Official Site. Locate the game from the search bar and find it, select it and choose the 'Download' button;

As for Windows, the game must be purchased on Steam, digital gaming platform Valve. To do this, open the Site Steam and locate the game in your search bar. After finding it, adding it to your cart and get the title, which after recognition of payment, will be available for download on your machine.

Screens and Clicks

Five Nights at Freddy's has no configuration screens. When you open the game, you will be greeted with a screen in red tone where the center will be the 'New Game' options and 'Continue'. If you select 'New Game', you will erase all progress already saved and begin a new adventure. Ever select the 'Continue' option, you will start from the last night saved. To delete all your progress in the game, simply hold down the 'Delete' button.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4, as all previous games in the franchise, is a Point and Click game in which you perform commands by clicking with the mouse or touching the phone's screen. In each phase began, the game of perspective is changed, where the game scenario is changed and commands using mouse movements are changed by using the keyboard. To move your character during the 'cutscene' in the early stage, use 'A' to move it to the left, 'W' to move it up, 'S' to move it down and 'D' to move it to right. To interact with the scene, like talking to a character, just approach him.

Things to Do in Five Nights at Fredddy's 4

Their biggest enemies are the animatronics puppets who will try to reach him and kill him. Using its ugly shape and stealth, the dolls will try to approach you, that before you know it you will have lost the game.

To stay safe from animatronics, always check the doors, closet and her bed by clicking on each of them to check it. On the first night, stay closer to bed because there will be greater movement of the stage. Macabre miniatures plush doll tremble in the half-light before disappearing into the darkness. The cabinet in front is the hiding of Foxy. No need to worry on the first night, but look two or three times to avoid any harm. Still on the first night, there will be a lot of movement until the end of the third hour of the night.

Be careful when checking the doors of the room. As the game says, listen carefully to the sound of breathing animatronics. It's a sharp and loud noise, easily noticeable, and hear something, shut the door immediately and wait approximately three seconds - or even the room flashing light - to open it again. And don’t forget to use the flashlight, both when opening the door again, when you don’t hear the breathing noise.

From the second night Foxy appear. After you check the doors and bed, watch out the closet; to realize that the right door it moved, go check. You may get a little scare when Foxy appear, so be prepared. If the light to see the light, close the door and wait until a stuffed fox appear in the closet. The second night will also be more frequent macabre teddy bears on her bed, so don’t forget to look at them.

The following nights will be a more difficult variation of the challenges explained here. The breathing sound in the port may take a little longer to emerge, Foxy appear more frequently and faster and faster Bears appear on your bed. Try to take maximum advantage of these tips, get ready for the challenge and, of course, have a good night.