Mad Max (video game): Car Upgrades - Build your Magnum Opus

In Mad Max you play the eponymous Road Warrior Max, who is mainly known for having a thick truck to swish through the post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland and to fight with all sorts of bandits - last seen in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. However, the enemies also take no tricycles and if you want to deal with the bandits on the road, then upgrade your car!

Mad Max: car upgrades - The Magnum Opus

A Road Warrior eventually needs a car if he does want to become the hero on the road. Hence he soon needs to build a new vehicle, with the help of his loopy mechanic Chum Bucket, which is called Magnum Opus.

At the beginning you cannot go much further with the Magnum Opus, however. Fortunately, with the help of Chum Bucket and the spare parts laying around everywhere you can upgrade the Magnum Opus. Here you should always keep in mind that not every upgrade always makes sense. Even the thickest engine does not help much if the Magnum Opus is overloaded with tons of armor. So set priorities when upgrading!

All Car Upgrades at a glance

Disadvantage (if available)
Radiator grill A thick grille increases damage to his havoc. Extra weight, which influences your speed and control.
PlatingYou think of more damage. You will slow down and the car can be steered worse.
Engine More horsepower means more power, and thus more speed. Get your absolutely soon the V8 engine! -
ExhaustCosmetic upgrade makes your truck loud! -
Tire Better tires make your vehicle more maneuverable, but consider that you either invest in off-road or road tires even harder on each other's territory. On the wrong terrain specialized tires suck each - not much.
SuspensionVery important for off-road rides. -
Booster An additional speed boost. Optimal to enemies to ram into nirvana! -
HubcapsEquip your hubcaps with blades and spines and torn your enemies in passing. -
Spines Grab a few extra spikes on your car so no crazy psychos jump on and put bombs! -
Sniper RifleWith the built-in sniper rifle can accurately off their enemies from a distance. -
Harpoon The harpoon impales her enemies, Tear components of enemy vehicles and opens the gates of fortresses. -
Explosive harpoonA mounted detonator transforms the harpoon into a kind of rocket launcher. -
Flamethrower Side-mounted flamethrower roast everything you get too close. Flamethrower - High fuel consumption
Repair rateIncrease this value, thus Chum Bucket repairing the car more quickly if he gets out. -
Chassis Cosmetic upgrade. Fit the chassis of the car to your liking. -
PolishCosmetic upgrade. Malt, the magnum opus on! -
Hood ornaments Cosmetic upgrade. Grab cool decorations on the hood! -