Magic Duels Origins (PC): Overall skills at a glance

Creatures in Magic Duels Origins can have various abilities. We have drawn up a list of old and new effects and explain them for you.

Double Strike
First Strike
Absorbing (Absorb)
Aura Swap
Digging (Dredge)
Plundering (Scavenge)
Exposing (suspend)
Modules (Modular)
Attach (Fortify)
Recovery (Recover)
Protect (Champion)
Foray (Prowl)
Bloodlust (Bloodthirst)
Bonus (Kicker)
Bravura (Prowess)
Alliance (banding)
Encrypt (cipher)
Convened (convoke)
Unleashed (Unleash)
Fusion (Fuse)
Gift (Poisonous)
Tombs Storm (Storm Grace)
Gods gift (Bestow)
Ulterior motive (Hidden Agenda)
Instability (phasing)
Unreality (Shadow)
Bloodlust (Frenzy)
Coupling (Splice)
Cumulative upkeep
Landwalk (Country Walk)
Living weapon
Lifelink (Life Link)
Sacrifice (offering)
Rage (Rampage)
Reproduction (Replicate)
Flashback (Flashback)
Battle Cry
Soulbound (Soul Bound)
Transmigration of souls (Soul Shift)
Split second
Solar Flare (Sunburst)
Steadfast (Outlast)
Level up
Deathtouch (Death Touch)
Totem armor
Transmutation (Transmute)
Remodeling (Transfigure)
Conversion (Cycling)
Support (reinforcement)
Indestructible (Undying)
Interlacing (Entwine)
Gobble (Devour)
Disappearance (Vanishing)
Reinforce (Amplify)
Enchanting (Enchant)
Boil (Ripple)
Development (Evolve)
Backtracking (Retrace)

Types of skills

Permanents can have three different types of effects: Activated, Triggered, and Static abilities.

Static abilities

The impact of this effect is active as long as the permanent (for example: an enchantment) is in play. In addition, these skills are not capitalized.

Example: The Enchantment "mass hysteria" has the effect of: "All creatures have haste." This will remain active until the card is removed from the game or destroyed.

Triggered abilities

This effect occurs when a specific event occurs in the game.

Example: The creature "Companion of the soul" has the effect of: "Whenever another creature comes into play, you may gain 1 life." This capability is therefore triggered every time you lay a creature on the pitch.

Activated abilities

This effect can activate it, whenever you want and as long as you have enough mana available.

Example: The creature "Royal Assassin" has the effect of: (tap symbol) - Destroy target tapped creature
"This ability can also activate during the turn of your opponent. However, the creature untapped until the beginning of your turn during the untap step...

Ability - Affinity (Affinity)

Affinity is a static ability .

Own a creature affinity to a color or artifacts, it costs less to cast as much mana as its card of each color or artifacts under your control in the game.

Example: The "Star Brut" is eight generic and two blue mana (islands). Since it has affinity for artifacts, you pay for each artifact card in your possession a generic mana less.

Skill - Flash

Flash is a static ability .

Own a creature the effect flash, you can play it at any time at which you also could cast an instant.
This means in each phase.

Example: If your opponent is in the combat phase, you can map the "alpha male of the pack thorn" play anyway (Briar Pack Alpha.).

Capacity - double whammy (Double Strike)

Double strike is a static ability .

In addition, this effect modifies the combat damage step. Has at least one creature the ability double whammy, the following fight is divided into two phases. Your creature deals in Phase 1 and 2 to each as much damage as it has attack strength. So you divided twice from damage.

Example: (Skyhunter Skirmisher) attacks with the creature "Skychaser Skirmisher" on, adds in Phase 1 of the combat damage step a damage to you. Note: Only creatures with double strike or first strike share in this segment damage. In the second phase - in handing all attackers and blockers damage - adds your creature again to a point of damage.

Ability - hurry (Haste)

Haste is a static ability.

Own a creature the effect haste, it can attack directly after playing. You must be sure not for a train under your control is on the field. The same applies to additional effects of the creature whose cost includes the symbol for fumble.

Example: Creatures unhurried (Haste) must be at least a train under your control are on the field
before they can attack for the first time. However you play the card "Vulshok Sorcerer" can attack after playing or its effect (tap symbol) use.

Ability - Intimidate (Intimidate)

Intimidate is an evasion ability.

Own a creature intimidating, it can except by artifact creatures and / or creatures with which they share a color, not be blocked. A multicolored card with Intimidate can be blocked by creatures that share a color with it together. Is your creature, however colorless, are only artifacts able to block it.

Example: You attack with the map "Always Wolf". Since it is a red-green creature, it can not be blocked except by artifact creatures or red and green nature.

Ability - First Strike (First Strike)

First strike is a static ability.

As with the effect double whammy, a second battle segment is introduced for the first strike ability.
Located at the beginning of the fight at least one attacking or blocking card with these effects in the game, creatures with first strike or double strike are the only creatures that harm in the first segment.
In the second segment, all attackers and blockers follow.

Example: You attack the creature "Mastiff Warclamp." And your opposite blocks with a 1/1 creature token. In a normal fight, both creatures of each other would inflict damage.
Result: Both are destroyed. Now your creature has first strike. This means that the "Great Dane me war crockery" adds its damage first. The 1/1-tile is thus destroyed and can no longer deal damage in the second segment. Your creature will remain on the field.

Tip: First strike, combined with the ability deathtouch is particularly effective.

Ability - Hexproof

Hexproof is a static ability .

Is a permanent "Hexproof", it can not be the target of spells or abilities an opponent controls. This includes effects of other creatures.

Ability - flying (Flying)

The ability to fly is an evasion ability.

Own a creature flying, they can not be blocked except by creatures with flying or reach. In addition, it can block other creatures with or without selfsame effect.

Ability - Fear (Fear)

Fear is an evasion ability and is referred to the current map as "Causes Fear".

Cause a creature fear, can not except by artifact creatures and / or black creatures are blocked.
This effect usually have black cards.

Landwalk (Country Walk)

Landwalk is an evasion ability.

A creature with the ability Landwalk cannot be blocked by any other creature, as long as the defending player controls at least one land of the specified type.

The following types of Landwalk there:

- Mountainwalk
- Plainswalk
- Swampwalk
- Forestwalk
- Islandwalk

Example: You attack the creature "Goblin Mountaineer". There is at least a mountain under the control of your opponent, your creature is unblockable. If he has no country of the specified type, he can block the Goblin.

Ability - lifelink (Life Link)

Lifelink is a static ability .

Adds a creature with lifelink effect damage, its controller gains that much life. This applies to any damage, not just combat damage.

Example: You attack the creature "pinching Gwyll" on (English Nip Gwyllion.). Whether you or your opponent a blocking creature deals damage, you gain one life point to as the strength of your creature 1.

Tip: lifelink combined with trample or flying is particularly effective.