Super Mario Maker (Wii U) what we know so far

This year just marked the thirtieth anniversary of one of the most beloved players in the industry, Rare, who has held one of the best collections we've seen in a while. Many hoped that Mario, one of the greatest icons of video games, celebrate thirties with a similar collection, but Nintendo has chosen to go for something different. We speak, of course, Super Mario Make , a game that continues the philosophy of "Play, Create, Share" popularized on consoles LittleBigPlanet , and now enjoys considerable popularity.

For now we have a special version for press that has not left us to enjoy all the contents of the game, since they are enabling gradually as the days pass, but tinkering with the game's levels, which you can edit and play, but not sharing online, we discovered that we barely knew anything about all the possibilities that Super Mario Maker actually has to offer.

Without setting limits?

Super Mario Maker offers us many, many tools to create the Mario we have always dreamed of. We can even create "Worlds," which would like playlists to play our levels consecutively, like a full game is involved. We can choose the graphical appearance of the level (choice of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. ), the "room" scenario (typical scenario first of all Mario, underground , water, Bowser Castle ...) and everything in it is.

Create the basic design of a scenario is incredibly simple. You only need to take the GamePad, the Stylus (pen, for friends), and start "painting". We chose the materials that we give shape to the stage, we draw their form and, if we are wrong, we delete it comfortably. Then we place the remaining elements of our base and, voila, ready level. Of course, to facilitate the setting can be copied, you can select several items at once, you can do and undo ...

Create a "basic" decent and we call basic level because we have seen some real follies, it's about half an hour tinkering with the editor, but obviously everyone's ideas will be key to creating a more or less attractive design. As mentioned, we currently have only basic tools, but already we have seen that there are other "advanced", like putting sounds and additional animations, activate ghost’s areas or using doors, something we talk about when we were able to test their possibilities conditions.

In any case, Super Mario Maker has managed to surprise us again, and we are sure it will be even more complete than expected. Besides, in similar games good ideas need to be accompanied by skill with publisher, but in the case of Super Mario Maker all barriers are removed interface, we just have to tap your stylus on the screen what we want, where they we want or how we want.

Here also it comes to play

As you have seen if you've followed the news of Vandal these days, Super Mario Maker also has "official" levels that come with the game, which offer a number of additional challenges and, as we understand, will help us to unlock things. They come at you block of eight levels, while we have 10 lives to complete. At first those 10 lives will be more than enough, but as you can imagine, things will be complicated.

These levels encourage us to go, in a sense, the history of Mario. On the one hand we have somewhat original levels ever find in a Super Mario style games, or very difficult and crazy tests in a traditional game would be quite out of place. On the other we have more classic levels, including some taken almost directly from the titles mentioned above. We find re-imaginings known phases and tributes that will allow us to play those levels almost unchanged. If you are a fan of Mario, get ready for some good shots of nostalgia.

No lack, of course, the possibility of playing community levels. When we can explore online access levels, the creators or dive into a challenge that will complete a sequence of levels (easy, medium and difficult 16) created by other players with a maximum of 100 lives. Despite the few tools available we have seen creations of the most interesting, and be prepared for when it launches because we are confident that we will see many, many surprises in it, including challenges of the most demanding for fans of Mario hardcore.

The balance between new and classic

Super Mario Maker is a great way to celebrate 30 years of the legendary plumber. The possibilities offered when creating are huge, and the accessibility of the title is amazing. Everything is clear and intuitive, and also can establish that the GamePad can be very useful when is the proper use, something they have not done too many titles. Everything in Super Mario Maker is a great and successful tribute, including integration with amiibo, of which I will discuss later.