Zombi (PS4): CCTV Junction Box locations - find all security cameras

In Zombi CCTV Junction Boxes are particularly important for your nameless hero, because you can better monitor and get Achievements. We have found all CCTV Junction Boxes and show you where they all are in Ubisoft's new edition of Zombi.

CCTV stands for closed circuit television and called the London omnipresent security cameras, which are intended to ensure greater safety on the roads. And while their benefit in real life is more controversial, provide city wide surveillance cameras in a zombie apocalypse a valuable and vital advantage!

Zombi: Junction Box

The CCTV system of London allows you not only about the persecution of nasty zombies on the map but also revealed you rather the locations of valuable items in the vicinity of the cameras. In addition, you can graze your hiding place from the town to vital resources.

But before you can use the CCTV cameras, you have to dial only once in the system, because as the name suggests, it is a closed system with CCTV. Therefore, you first need to find the right CCTV Junction Box in London.

All CCTV Junction Box locations

Overall, the Greater London Authority has distributed 16 CCTV Junction Box in the metropolis of Great Britain. So you get a complete overview plus an Achievement. The CCTV boxes way, there is also in ZombiU on Nintendo WiiU.

Location Description/Position 
Market Street In the basement of the Brick Lane supermarket
Hanbury Green On the flight of stairs outside the Brick Lane supermarket
Apartments in Brick Lane The brick warehouses behind the shaft when scaffolding
Freedman's apartment Before the apartment of Freedman is a column with the box.
Victoria Memorial In the sewer on the way to the palace is a roped area with the box.
Victoria Memorial Before the palace gates you will find the box with the containers.
Victoria Memorial Before garbage in Green Park you go left to the chest.
Buckingham Palace In the room where you have to find the book of Dr. Knight, is also a CCTV Box.
Buckingham Palace Behind the locked door in the kitchen you'll find another chest.
Tower of London On the second pier on the harbor wall you will find a box.
Tower of London Next to the entrance to the catacombs of the Bloody Tower you will find a box.
Spitafields Green Links from Quaker Park is a gateway to the box.
Spitafields Green When Shoreditch petrol station at the taxi is an outhouse, behind which hangs the box.
Bacon Fields Judging from the petrol station towards Darwin yards and you will find the box with the car wreck.
Bacon Fields In the broom closet in the nursery can be found on the output of the CCTV box.
St. Georges Yard Searches for the room with the painted raven. This is the box.