Destiny: The Taken King increase light level over 200

After Destiny 2.0 update the role of the light level has changed significantly. To play missions in Hard mode, you need a light level of over 200. We show you in this guide how you can increase your light level quickly.

In the latest add-on, there is no fixed light value, which is linked to equipment, but better equipment for each piece that you wear, even your light level is growing. So you don’t have to pay much attention to light levels, but simply just out for better equipment, then the rest comes by itself. Nevertheless, you should consider the following things when increasing the light levels.

Compare your equipment

Quality of weapons and armor no longer depends so heavily on their rarity as once. Green and blue equipment in Destiny: The Taken King can be better than your high-end equipment from the past DLCs. Especially powerful Perks of new worth a change, even if this does not increase your light level.

Better equipment if your light under a bushel

The difference between Level 29 and Level 30 in Destiny is still enormous, in this add-on, it is negligible 130-131. For this reason you should evaluate after the higher light level hell-bent on each piece of equipment. It is only by a few points, the exchange may not worth it, if the other values don’t vote in favor. Because perks or weapons values are in your old weapon maybe more.

Better equipment through tougher challenges

The best equipment for your light level to increase you get by the completion of challenges and raids. That's why you should always execute your quest log to unlock new missions and earn appropriate equipment. Play Strike playlists and story missions for the chance of better return, later to pass the harder difficulty levels of emissions. In this way, your light level will rise gradually.

Use Artifacts, Ghost Skins and Class Items

In Destiny: The Taken King, ghost skins, class objects and the brand new artifacts affect your light level. They increase defense values and grant you more perks and bonuses. Especially artifacts are very powerful and they are only unlocked at level 40.

In summary, you can quickly increase your Light Level by observing the following points:

- Visualize difficult missions and Strike as soon as you can.
Compare your achievement. Better weapons values are more important than a slightly higher light level.
- Upgrade your equipment periodically.