Destiny The Taken King - Touch of Malice guide

The Touch of Malice is probably the most difficult weapon to be obtained in Destiny: The Taken King. It is a well-deserved reward after a long quest series you completed for Eris Morn in the tower. If you want to get this exotic Scout Rifle, you must complete a lengthy quest series and also complete the new "King’s Fall” raid. We show you all the necessary steps to obtain the new weapon.

Destiny The Taken King Learn how to get Touch of Malice Weapon

First you must the complete the Shattered Past quest that brings 5 calcified fragments to Eris Morn in the tower. Just go on patrol mission on the Dreadnaught to start the search. Where you can find the fragments.

After this quest you have to collect another 15 calcified fragments for Eris Morn before you get the “Hunger Pangs” Quest.

- Complete the Quest hunger pangs. With this you have killed Bracus in the Salt Mines kill in Bunker WAR 4

- Then you have to accept the quest The Old Hunger. This you will unlock once you enter the King's fall raid for the first time.

- Now it is difficult: You must kill three bosses of the raid to get them special items.
    1. The Blade of Famine from Warpriest,
    2. The highest self Shroud of Ir Anuk from the Death Singers\
    3. The Ravenous Heart of Oryx.

- After delivery of such items you need a collective task to complete for Eris again. You need 25x worm spores, 50x Hadium flakes and 50x weapon parts.

- At delivery you will receive the Antiquated Rune from Eris.

- You should still have to collect 30 more calcified fragments.

- Next, you must kill Morgath, The Lore Keeper, the final boss awaits you as the Black Garden at the 
end of The Undying Mind Strikes.

- The go back to Eris receive the Stolen Rune.

- At this point you have to collect 45 calcified fragments continue

- Now you must go back to the base on Phobos and kill the Wizard to get the Essence of the Feast.

- Now to the Fear’s Embrace Mission on Phobos and defeat Mar-Zik, The Blightcaller. It appears after you have shot the echo of Oryx and up to 25% of his health down.

- Then return one last time to Eris Morn and collect your well-deserved Touch of Malice.

Touch of Malice: Features

With an exceptional look you get with the Touch of Malice an exotic Scout Rifle, which was made from the remains of Oryx and his disciples. It has a relatively fast rate of fire and has a magazine size of 11. In addition, it features two Perks:

- The last shot of each tray regenerates and shares bonus damage at the expense of the health of the wearer.

- Three quick kills in a row give the wearer health.

Especially the first perk is very interesting, because you can shoot endlessly basically without reloading. Though you lose health with every shot, but divide the double damage. In combination with the second perk you can loss the health counteracts, if you're fast enough. The Touch of Malice is ideal for a risky play.