MGS 5 The Phantom Pain: Quiet buddy guide - fighting skills / location

Quiet is one of four Buddies in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain that you can take with you on missions, where she helps you with her sniper rifle and her supernatural abilities. But where can you recruit her in the game and what skills she exactly brings? The answer is there in our companion Guide.

Quiet, the mysterious sniper with language problems, plays a major role in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain and can be taken in the course of the game as a companion along on missions.

In the following guide, we focus on her fighting skills and where can we find her and recruit as buddy.

MGS 5 - The Phantom Pain: Quiet - Location and recruitment of sniper

To make Quiet ready as Buddy, must perform the following steps:

- Don’t shoot Quiet at the end of Mission 11! There is a cutscene in which you point a weapon at her head. You should have killed, but you can repeat the mission again and you decide otherwise.

- Mark off the main mission 14 and switch the addition operation 111 free: Visit Quiet. Visit her on the medical platform of the Mother Base. If you are landed on the helipad, there go down the stairs and you'll find her cell.

- Get a helicopter to leave the area. The following is a cutscene with Quiet after the end of which she stands available as a selectable Buddy.

Quiet's skills

Quiet is an excellent sniper. She can become invisible and instantaneously move through the area, which only leaves a cloud of dust. She also has a ten times stronger voice as normal people. Her eyesight is excellent pronounced, so she has no problems even during night operations. However, her major weakness is the water. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the dynamic weather changes in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, as her abilities extremely limit in the rain.

Skills Overview

- Scouting / Enlightenment: You can give orders to Quiet to explore an area. Then simply selects the desired area to explore. You can also enter in the Command box with L1 (LB on the Xbox) and the right analog stick. Thereupon Quiet draws and marks any enemies in the area. Or you let her simply follow. Then she goes always automatically to the nearest sniper point of you. You see always your line of sight by her green laser rifle.

- Kill Command: Let her target a range of opponent’s rooms or give you cover fire for your advance. In addition, she may shoot heads of soldiers’ helmets, which gives you the opportunity for headshots.

- Shoot This (Grenade Ricochet): Quiet can shoot one of you thrown grenades from the air to change the direction and explode on impact on the target. This works with all kinds of grenades and allows new tactics on the battlefield.

Your relationship with Quiet grows through regular missions with her. Once your relationship with Quiet increased to the maximum, you get the Achievement comrade.

Quiet's Weapons

You can develop new Boomstick on the Mother Base for her. Examples include:

- Wicked Butterfly: A Renov ICKX with laser sighting
- Sinful Butterfly: A Brennan LRS-46 with Special Ammunition

Do you want to reach a high rank and proceed with non-lethal means, you can dismissed stun ammunition in the mission screen.

Alternative Costumes / Uniforms for Quiet

In addition to the standard outfit of Quiet, there are other outfits that you can overdraw her. So far confirmed outfit is the Sniper wolf from Metal Gear Solid from 1998. In addition, her hair color can be changed.