Everything we know so far about Trials of Osiris Returning

Learn everything you need to know about the Destiny’s Trials of Osiris returning.

Bungie will bring back the Trials of Osiris back with some tweaking on October 16. With Update 2.0, there are some changes in the events, in which you can get exclusive rewards such as weapons and armor again.

The Trials of Osiris was first introduced with the DLC house of wolves in the MMO shooter Destiny. As the trials work, we have the information about the event summarized. Through the add-on and patch 2.0, there are some changes in the sequence; we show you the changes in the Trials of Osiris in detail.

Destiny - The Taken King: Trials of Osiris - changes in detail

One major change is that rewards of Osiris are only issue exclusively at the end of each round completed. The more you win, the better the loot (Passage Coins) is in this case. This gets you directly and don’t have to pick them up in the reef until Brother Vance. Other changes are as follows:

- Trials Passage: There will be a detailed page, with that you can see your active buffs.
- Buffs: The Buffs favor of Osiris, grace and favor of Osiris, now must be purchased before the first round, and you cannot add them once you have started the trial.

- Better Gear: Once you have won 9 games in a row, you come as usual in the lighthouse on Mercury. You can continue to participate in the trials, however, you will not get more better Gear.
- Osiris forays: Even if you’re not reaching the lighthouse, Brother Vance still has some good rewards for you.

As recommended light level for the Trial of Osiris is 290. The leader of a team must have a minimum light level of 251, otherwise no participation is possible. We show you how to quickly increase your light level


Bungie has also changed the matchmaking and teams wish to compete against each other must win the same number of laps. So teams that are supposed to have, for example, won three rounds to play in the next match against other teams with three laps gained. However, this applies only as long as the Internet connection is stable.


There is still no information about the new weapons inspections. What seems certain is that there will be the year-2 versions of the armor of Osiris as rewards. Also new emblems are at the start.