Best and cheap Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mode

Here are some useful tips to choose the ideal goalkeeper for your football team in FIFA 16.

Manuel Neuer

The best goalkeeper in the world and he was voted the third best player of the year in 2014. This is enough to say that Neuer is the most complete goalkeeper for Fifa. To score in the German wall is difficult. Hire him is not very easy, since his price is the highest in the category: 130 000 coins.

Cheap options: Bernd Leno and Ralf Fährmann

Germany has always been responsible for the formation of great goalkeepers. Leno and Fährmann are good options for those who don’t have much money. Leno costs only 5500 coins while Fährmann costs you 850 coins, but also has a form in the attractive price of 20 000 coins.

Thibaut Courtois

The Belgian suffered a serious injury early on this season and should return to the field in December. Nevertheless, the FUT, Courtois remains the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. To improve, the goalkeeper is cheaper than in the previous game: 28,000 coins.

Cheap option: Asmir Begovic

The replacement of real life is also an ideal alternative in FUT. The Chelsea phase is not the best, but he would be far worse without the defenses of Begovic. The Bosnian has saved the Blues in several games in the season and he costs a measly 3000 coins in the Ultimate Team.

David De Gea

The Spaniard is still in Manchester and is the second best goalkeeper of BPL in the game, very close to Courtois. The problem is that David costs far more than Thibaut, 53 000 coins.

Cheap option: Petr Cech

Despite the high overall, Cech is no longer the wall of the latest games and his price is not the highest. So your 11 000 coins are worth the investment for a safer keeper than most (good) goalkeepers of GLP.

Gianluigi Buffon

The legend of Juventus is no longer at the peak, although this is a reliable option. Mainly playing in Serie A, where there are many good alternatives to the goal. His 7000 coins are cheap for what Buffon may have on the field.

Cheap option: Mattia Perin

The young promise has been outstanding in Serie A and is considered the future goalkeeper of the national team. You can replace Buffon by Perin in Ultimate Team, especially if your budget is very limited, since the archer Genoa only costs 750 coins.

Marc-André ter Stegen

The leading candidate to replace Neuer years from now is one of the best options in the BBVA League. Despite the lower overall, having Stegen is slightly better, at least in the game. His price is 750 coins.

Another option: Claudio

Bravo is as good as Ter Stegen and has a better overall statistics. But in the game, the Chilean fails more and costs double the German (1500 coins). The level and similar price, both are the best options for Spanish teams.

Samir Handanovic

The best goalkeeper in activity in Italian football is very good at Ultimate Team. Handanovic is not only more common in the way teams play in a league because he is not as used by the players. His 6000 coins represent a cost-effective better than 7000 coins for Buffon.

Cheap option: Wojciech Szczesny

The former goalkeeper of Arsenal is not a quality of perfection, but he can be important to ask for teams with small budget. The 700 coins invested in Szczesny worth until there is enough coins to get best goalkeepers.

Joe Hart

Hart was the goalkeeper who was played more games without taking goal in the last Premier League. Not bad for anyone who competes with Courtois and De Gea. English is great in the Ultimate Team and costs much less than the double of Chelsea and United, only 8500 coins.

Cheap option: Tim Howard

If 8000 coins is still expensive for your pocket, Tim Howard is an excellent option at cost 950 coins. The US is very safe and does miracles in the melee.

Hugo Lloris

The French archer is one of the best in the game, but has a problem, the inconsistency. Lloris rarely makes reasonable matches: either work miracles, or ugly failure. Although most of his performances are above average, the risk of delivering the game may not be worth his 14 thousand coins.

Cheap option: Simon Mignolet

Mignolet is exactly how Lloris. He has flaws that irritate the user, but is the author of some miracles. The Belgian only costs 800 coins.


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