Halo 5: all Skull and Intel locations guide

During the campaign of Halo 5: Guardians collectibles can be found in the form of Intel and Skull. The former give you more information, while the latter you modifications (cheats) grant for the campaign. Thus you can find them quickly and safely, we show you the locations of all Intel and skull below.

A total of 117 Intel and 13 Skulls can be found in the 15 missions of the single player campaign of Halo 5: Guardians.

You see all the locations of the skull and Intel in the following YouTube video:

While the Intel reveal more about the game world and events that allow you the skulls optional settings to make the campaign so as to activate cheats. Names and effects of the skull you can see the following table.

Skull Location Effect
IWHBYD Skull Mission 1: Osiris Rare Dialogues in combat are frequently heard.
Black Eye Skull Mission 2: Blue Team Only own melee attacks load the shields back up.
Iron Skull Mission 3: Glassed No revival available (Solo: Mission is restarted in case of death, Switch on the Iron Skull: You start with death at the checkpoint).
Blind Skull Mission 5: Unconfirmed Arms, weapons and the HUD will be hidden in the ego-view.
Thunderstorm Skull Mission 6: Evacuation Significantly improve the enemies' rank which makes difficult to kill them
Grunt Party Skull Mission 7: Reunion runts, which are eliminated with head shots, burst into confetti
Cloud Skull Mission 7: Reunion The motion sensor is disabled.
Mythic Skull Mission 8: Swords of Sanghelios The health of your opponents increases.
Catch Skull Mission 10: Enemy Lines Your opponents will be able to carry more grenades.
Cowbell Skull; Mission 12: Battle of Sunaion Significantly increase the explosions power.
Tilt Skull Mission 13: Genesis The resistances and weaknesses of your opponents are amplified.
Famine Skull Mission 14: The Breaking All the weapons you acquire from enemies have less ammunition.
Tough Luck Mission 15: Guardians. Your opponents never flee, soft your line of fire and always rotate through.