CoD Black Ops 3: Unlock all Decorations / Medals / XP Points

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you can collect decorations or medals. In addition, you can hang a glass case in your living room and store all your Decoration items. The following table shows you what decorations can be found at Black Ops 3 and how you can unlock them.

Master of Arms - Unlock all weapons, camos and attachments freely in the campaign. (5000 XP)

Dedicated to Excellence - Bring all Cyber Core capabilities to the highest possible level. (5000 XP

Armament Superiority - Unlock all weapons, grenades and Cyber Core capabilities. (5000 XP)

Heroic Service - Complete the campaign depend on the degree of "veteran difficulty ". (5000 XP)

Legendary Service - Complete Campaign on "Realistic Difficulty" setting. (5000 XP)

Immortal fame - Complete campaign on the “veteran difficulty” without die off. (5000 XP)

Chronicler - Find all collectibles in the campaign. (5000 XP)

Above and Beyond - Acquires all the awards for all missions. (5000 XP)

Duty Calls - Complete all 110 challenges from within the campaign. (5000 XP)

Tried and True - Achieved 35,000 points in the training mode. (5000 XP)

Grim Reaper - Kill 2,000 enemies. (5000 XP)

Full Honors - Unlock all decorations in the campaign. (5000 XP)