Just Cause 3: all Challenge Modes guide

In Just Cause 3, there are more than 100 challenges which are spread across the Mediterranean island Medici. They are divided into eight different categories and provide you valuable gears required for modifications of your weapons or vehicle upgrades.

Depending on how you getting into the challenges in Just Cause 3, there are more points and mods. In this guide we want to bring you the challenge mode and each one will unlock upgrades.

- Wingsuit Courses Challenges
- Destruction Frenzy Challenges
- Land Races Challenges
- Crash Bomb Challenges
- Air Races Challenges
- Sea Races Challenges
- Shooting Gallery Challenges
- Scrapyard Scramble Challenges

Wingsuit Courses Challenges

Equipped with a wingsuit, you fly through a variety of rings. The more you hit the center of the targets, the higher your score. As a reward, you get traversal mods

Destruction Frenzy Challenges

Destroy as many objects as you can. You have 90 seconds for that. The time starts when you have destroyed the first object. However, it includes only complete objects, not just parts. As a reward, there's destruction mods.

Land Races Challenges

With a land vehicle you race through checkpoints. The faster you travel, the higher the score. As a bonus you get upgrades for cars, motorcycles, etc.

Crash Bomb Challenges

A fun challenge, when you accelerate like mad with a vehicle and thus heading toward a group of objects. Jumps out just before impact, and see to it that the abandoned car blows up everything in the target area in the air! Explosive Mods is for your reward.

Air Races Challenges

This challenge is like a road race, only that you're flying against time. At the end you get mods for aircraft.

Sea Races Challenges

This challenge is similar to Air Races or the Land Races. As a reward you get mods for watercraft.

Shooting Gallery Challenges

Here prove your skills with different weapons at the shooting Gallery. There are various weapons courses to pass before you get the weapon mods.

Scrapyard Scramble Challenges

You have to travel in a vehicle, carrying a giant magnet behind you. With this magnet you have to transport the mineral Bavarium to a destination. For this, you have little time. With the successful completion, you can unlock grapple hook improvements.