Just Cause 3 - Sports, Vintage and Modern cars at a glance

In Just Cause 3, you will find three different types of cars: Sports, Vintage and Modern cars. These types of vehicles are fundamentally different in their values and use. The Vintage cars are safer while the modern cars are much faster than the Vintage and see existent vehicles confusingly similar. As for the speed, but they cannot compete with the sports car.

Just Cause 3 - The Sports Cars

The following list shows you the fastest cars in Medici.

Windhund 4 - The slowest sports car of this class. The drift still be fun.
Autostraad D 700 - A quick and fairly agile vehicle that has an astounding acceleration.
Kerner Serpente R - Looks good and quick in acceleration.
13 Vigueur - Fast, luxurious and also more powerful.
Mugello raffinati Vitesse - A sports car from the 1960s, which is not really fast, but looks great.
Mugello Vistosa - The fastest car in Just Cause 3 (over 300 km / h) and the maneuverability is also acceptable.
Mugello Quipozza F - A beautiful old racing car with an engine from the 70s.
Verdeleon 3 - This vehicle is the second fastest car of this class with a decent agility.
Mugello Farina Duo - The most agile vehicle among sports cars plus a racing car.
Stria Ghepardo 3S - It is fast and agile and also looks great.

Just Cause 3 - The Vintage / SUV Cars

Weimaraner W3 - This vehicle is mediocre fast, but the most agile car among classics
63 Autostraad Weltbus - The slowest vehicle in its class. However, this bus is particularly well suited for camping.
Stria Cucciola - This vehicle is average in every way, but a nice round bubble car.
Stria infimo S - In this class, the cars are not very maneuverable, but this car is almost as clumsy as the bus only with a lot less space.
Stria Carera Standard - the fastest car of this class, however, it is not particularly agile.
Stria Carera G - For a classic car and this car is quite fast and bring you home safely.

Just Cause 3 – The Modern Cars

Autostraad D90 - the fastest car among modern cars. But otherwise pretty average.
Stria Joia - Average power and pretty good speed.
Stria Kavala - A fairly fast car with the acceleration of a turtle. Do you want to ensure progress, it is the right choice.
Stria Gioco - With this vehicle you can achieve nearly 200 km / h. It is not the fastest in its class, but the smallest.
Stria Toro - This vehicle is great if you need a high-performance car.

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