Angry Birds 2: guide on how to play PvP mode

Angry Birds 2 got a major update that includes a new arena PvP (Player vs. Player) and a multiplayer mode in which two users can battle it out to see who is the best in the birds’ game. In this tutorial, learn how to access this unique mode on your mobile phone or tablet with Android and iOS (iPhone).

The operation of the arena mode is simple and puts players directly against each other, but in a competition to see who makes more points. Equipped with a group of birds you will be challenged to take down several buildings of pigs, as well as in the normal game, and destroyed every bit worth points. Your goal is to make a higher score than your opponent.

Step 1: On the map of the home screen click the icon of the eggs in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Inside the nest you will see a button labeled "Arena", click it.

Step 3: The game will search for an opponent on your level. Once appears "Battle!," Just click it to start.

Step 4: The battles are like a normal game, simply destroy as many buildings and spend as little birds as you can. The bar at the top indicates your score and that of your opponent, just move past it on points to win.