Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster: train break codes

The train section in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is the first level where you are on the go with Rebecca and Billy. Here you have to enter at the end of a train-code to activate the brakes of the faster train and prevent premature death.

Here, your task is to go in the cab and to activate the brakes before the train derailed. Under time pressure, you have to enter a code in both the last car and in the driver's cab.

Enter train code for the brakes: Resident Evil Zero HD

Once you have arrived in the cabin with two characters who will start after a short cutscene of the timer to the derailment of the train. Now you can stay in the driver's cabin, while the other goes to the end of the train and there at the terminal enters codes with either Billy or Rebecca. However, don’t forget to take the magnetic card from the driver's compartment.

The available time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds should be more than adequate and if you don’t dally too much, you should have no problems here. It is advisable to cross the train with Billy, because he can take more damage. Once you arrived at the very end of the train, use the terminal with the magnetic card to entre the code.

Enter brakes Code

The code consists of combination numbers, but you can see two numbers that are separated by a slash. The number after the slash must make from the sum of the digits of 10 numbers that you can enter using the number pad on the right.

Each code you need to enter with Rebecca and Billy. If you have been unsuccessful, the action switches to the driver's cabin, where you have to repeat the entire game once again. This time the code entry is hampered by the fact that you don’t see the number before the slash.

The following list can ascertain the simplest codes:

- 36-3333333339
- 67-7777777774
- 81-8888888889

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