The 100: Season 3 may focus on Octavia & Jasper relationships

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

Season 3 of The 100 is in full swing, with a plausible connection between Octavia and Jasper in the next few episodes.

Jasper in love

Despite the remoteness of the two survivors in their arrival on Earth, a close relationship develops between these two characters. Jasper - played by Devon Bostick - has already fallen in love with Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), during a famous masked ball on the Ark.

Jasper had the opportunity to save the city of the young woman with a dip in a lake in which she was attacked by a monster. Octavia testified her affection for Jasper in a wound it inflicted by the people of the forest. It's a safe bet that the two protagonists find themselves starting next episode.

The 100: false hopes for both characters

Jasper had the misfortune of losing Maya (Eve Harlow), his first love, in the attack Mount Weather. As for Octavia, she no longer takes any film on Lincoln (Ricky Whittle). Jasper and Octavia also have in common, is their hatred towards Clarke (Eliza Taylor). The heroine of the series could suffer a fatal confrontation.

The series is increasingly successful. In an interview with Télérama a few months ago, Jason Rothenberg, the showrunner, had told how he had designed the making of The 100 at the start: "I was there Two years ago, my first appointment with Alloy Entertainment, which produces the series. It was they who introduced me to the idea of starting The 100, from the first lines of a book that had not even been written at the time. There was barely a paragraph, the concept, the main characters. I am captured, I returned to my business, I wrote my script while Kass Morgan, author of the book, advancing on his side of the story. "

The 100: Wanheda part 2, the second episode of season 3 will air from January 28 on The CW.