The 100 Season 3: an outstanding new clip with Clarke and Lexa

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

While The 100: Season 3 comes out in a few days, The CW increases its promotional campaign with a new four-minute video titled We Are Survivors with the main characters of the series.

The 100: new pictures of Season 3

Before the series return, Clarke, Octavia and Bellamy make us wait twirling in a new clip that pays tribute to all the series of heroes. A real dive in season 3, which promises to be very intense, after more than a year and a half of waiting.

In the video there will be a jump in time to recovery. Clarke has spent over three months alone. You can also see a new village called Arkadia. Murphy has meanwhile become psychotic after being trapped in a bunker.

The first episode, entitled Wanheda part 1 will be devoted to Murphy should assume a much larger role than in previous editions. The official poster released a few weeks ago, was already putting the fans in the mood. Clarke is on the top of a rock, staring into the distance, with the following inscription: "The Future Is About More Than Survival."

In an interview with Télérama a few months ago, Jason Rothenberg, the showrunner, had told how he had the idea of the series: "I was there two years ago, my first appointment with Alloy Entertainment, which produces the series. It was they who introduced me to the idea of starting The 100, from the first lines of a book that had not even been written at the time. There was barely a paragraph, the concept, the main characters. I am captured, I returned to my business, I wrote my script while Kass Morgan, author of the book, advancing on his side of the story. "