Black Ops 3 Awakening Der Eisendrachen: Secrets and Easter Eggs

The new DLC for Black Ops 3: Awakening is just out and the Zombies map Der Eisendrachen begins to reveal little by little its darkest secrets.

Dead Again the secret song of the new map of Black Ops Zombies 3

Like all Zombies maps of Call of Duty, Black Ops 3, there is always a secret song. Usually in the same genre. The new Der Eisendrachen no exception to the rule, this time it is Dead Again sung by Elena Siegman.

How to unlock this music? First, we must make sure the power is on. If this is not the case, go to the western section of the castle after the laboratory (see video below):

Once the power is restored, head to the KN-44 room, go for it right away. Once you are there, head to a cell on the left, and spamming your X button (where the matching Action button in the other versions), you will hear the sound as what you have enabled the teddy bear . Proceed to the next bear.

The other teddy bear is not far from the room where there is power. Continue down the hall where there is the knight armor and unlock access (grid). There is a teddy bear on a chair, stand by his side and activate it with X. The third and final bear is at the teleporter. Near the rocket, there is a snow-covered truck, you can see his head. Once activated the three bears, the song starts!

For those who prefer a visual description of what to do, here is a video guide:

The song in question, for those who are eager to listen!

The first step of the secret of Der Eisendrachen

Here's what the players think is the first step in the big Easter egg Der Eisendrachen.

To begin, we must move towards the room where there is the dragon and the Pyramid. You have to activate the four pressure plates in the floor, ask for help from friends! Once activated plates, the pyramid will illuminate with blue symbols, and the gravity of the part is similar to that of the moon.

Impossible to say at this time what to do next. But rest assured, the community of Black Ops 3 is on it!

Zombie Skeletons Easter Egg - Make Zombies Leaches

Yes, in this new map you can turn these morons’ zombie skeletons! Why? Because it's fun and joking aside it allows you to see what is behind them. Yes, this can be an advantage.

What to do to unlock this little secret is first go to the main courtyard of the castle and shoot an arrow in the central window. Then head to the Double Tap machine and pull the bottom right of the wall facing the vacuum. As explained in the video:

Complete secrecy "My Brother's Keeper"

Step 1: find the ancient arches (Ancient Bows)

Find and improve one of the arcs with Wrath of the Ancients .

Step 2: Charge the teleporter

With your improved arc, pull each antenna transporter until each has a yellow glow. If this step is done correctly, a sound will sound.

Step 3: Pull on the radio, sparking

The next step is to fire your improved arc (another weapon will do screw up) on all radios are sparks. Warning, they do not appear all at once and spawn randomly on the map. After four of these objects that sparks were destroyed, a tone will sound indicating that the sequence has been correctly performed. You will see in the video below the possible places where these radios can appear. however careful not to be too long, in which case the sequence will fail and will not be repeated before the next round.

Step 4: time travel

Normally, the base of the transporter will be purple. All players must be there at the same time and should not finish the round! Try to leave a couple of zombies. We must do three things before reteleport: listen to what the teacher and remember the code entered on the chest, pick up a blue box (fuse) in the corner of the room near the doctor and pick up the briefcase in the left corner of the door when you arrive. If you do not pick these two objects, and forget the code, it will take three or four rounds to start the sequence. Note that the code changes every time. Similar: DO NOT TERMINATE THE ROUND STILL NOT HAVING BEEN RETÉLEPORTÉ

Step 5: the death ray, and the code

Also in the same round as in step 4, you return to the rocket area. Interact with the generator died radius y insert the fuse. Let it load, and enter the code you've seen in your time travel on the console. If this is correct, a small confirmation sound will be played. Similar: DO NOT TERMINATE THE ROUND STILL NOT HAVING BEEN RETÉLEPORTÉ

Step 6: death ray and memory game

Back in the lab where there was the doctor, the trunk is opened. Pick up one of the devices and bring it to the death ray to place it there and turn on the generator. Return to the console where the radius you will receive a small memory game Simon Says. Once completed, go to the rocket console to do the same mini game again. DO NOT TERMINATE THE ROUND STILL NOT HAVING BEEN RETÉLEPORTÉ

Step 7: sabotage

Once completed, return to the level of the generators of the death ray and interact with the little green light. There you will see the large coils tesla discharging electricity. Look in the sky! A rocket will crash into the yard!

Step 8: proofed souls

Look at the crash site, pick up a golden object named Vril Generator. Start a new round, and repeat step 2 and destroy the objects that make sparks with your bow. This will effectively change again based transporter to give it a violet color. Return here with your team and re-travel back in time. Yes again. Once teleported, go straight and to the left there will be a box with a code on it. Press Square (or the button to interact default) several times to open and pick up the object inside. Once this is done, go to the room of the Fallen Knight and place the device you've picked out the keeper ghost crash. The site will appear. Follow it and kill the zombies around the keeper WITH YOUR ARCS to harvest their souls. There are four places you will reap. On the way, you can place the stele recovered in the lab. Once the four places cleaned, the ghost will not be a ghost. Follow him.

Step 9: mysterious battle against the mysterious guardian

In the hall of the pyramid, the guard will activate four lasers. The guard is in the air and attack you. A pyramid will appear, and in the four corners of its base there will be tubes. Only three are placed, it is necessary that you place the fourth where it is missing. The pyramid will open and then the guard will be placed in it. 4 players must load their Ragnarok DG-4 and stand on the four symbols on the ground. Put them together, and you will all be teleported to a strange place.

Step 10: Dempsey!

This is the boss, load all your arches and pull repeatedly with this terrifying bosses. Once killed, 4 panzers appear. Eliminate them and you will reteleport the MPD. Pick up the Summoning Key on the side and load. You'll get a cutscene!

All hidden messages

The Giant has his radio, and Shadows Of Evil has his phone. Der Eisendrache meanwhile has tape, magneto revealing messages. Here's where to find them:

- A tape recorder on a table in the control room, "Mission Control".
- A tape recorder in the "Radio Room".
- A tape recorder in the room of the teleporter in the underground vault "Undercroft".
- A tape recorder in Maxis room in the barracks "Living Quarters".
- An inaccessible tape recorder in a room next to the armory. Just pull it to activate.

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