Teen Wolf Season 5: Lydia to play a major role episodes 15/16

Warning! This article contains spoilers.

As the season 5 of Teen Wolf is in full swing, Jeff Davis gave some elements on episodes 15 and 16 with the decisive presence of Lydia.

Lydia always retained Eichen House

In a vegetative state, the girl tries to regain her senses in the last episode. Scott tries to gather his pack. Jeff Davis, creator and director of the series, evokes the presence of Malia. "In episode 14, Scott will try to get Malia. But at that time, he will have already realized that Liam is also part of those who are most important to him. He must find a way to repair his relationship with Liam, who tried to kill him. "He explains with Entertainment Weekly.

The showrunner emphasizes the fight against the Beast of Gevaudan and Dread Doctors. "Lydia has a critical role in this season. One of the characters even says at one point something like: "It may be able to save us all. "The fact that she discovered the extent of her powers is very important for this season. That is why we have made Lydia center of episodes 15 and 16, which will recount the rescue mission. "

Teen Wolf: Lydia, a significant asset for the pack

The power of Lydia of dipping in the memories of the dead will be a very important tool in the pack. Until the next episode of Teen Wolf fans can rejoice to learn that season 6 is already in the pipeline.

In an interview with "Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast" Linden Ashby - aka the Sheriff Stilinski - evokes the rest of the series "History of season 6, as it was told to me so far. seems phenomenal to me. She's really great. I am really looking forward to turning. It's about things really, really scary, but are not necessarily related to monsters. Many adult themes will be discussed. It's very complex. And I expect that with a big smile, just because I think it will be downright awesome. "He has said. It is hoped that the sheriff will continue to survive until then. "