The 100 Season 3 the synopsis of episode 8 revealed

While Season 3 of The 100 is in full swing, The CW has just unveiled part of the plot of episode 8 entitled Terms and Conditions.

After the attack against the Sky People Grounders due to the appointment to the rank of chancellor Pike, Kane will try to attempt the situation with both sides. But it will not be so simple and Kane will have to take drastic measures. For his part, Pike will suspect a member of being an informant working for the enemy.

A real man hunt will begin. Raven will implement a plan and will assist in Jasper. The producers did not say more...

Eliza Taylor, who plays Griffin Clarke, reveals in an interview with Entertainment Weekly bisexuality of her character: "It was a turning point in the series. The arrival of Lexa and bisexuality Clarke earned the respect of critics because the series was going further than most other ... What I find ridiculous since it should not be so revolutionary it in our time. "

For his part, director Jason Rothenberg relativize this aspect of the series: "Series The characters don’t care, the only thing that matters is survival. No one is known as "the leader woman" or "the gay soldier," it is not part of their vocabulary. "The season 3 of the series knows yet a great success and subsequently be even more thrilling.

The thing therefore should quickly fester between the Sky People and Grounders. Season 3 of The 100 stands for the moment all its promises. Our characters continue their adventures in the City of Lights.