The Vampire Diaries S7 E15 new trailer shows Damon in a coffin

In the wake of episode 14, The CW has unveiled the trailer for episode 15 of Season 5 of "The Vampire Diaries", entitled "I Would for You".

The episode 15 of season 7 looks explosive. So we do not know if The Vampire Diaries will be renewed for an eighth season, Stefan tries to survive by escaping Rayna, the terrible vampire hunter who does not let his tracks. It starts with Valerie looking for a magic herb that would put it away from Rayna.

Damon will set up a plan to counter the one that looks like two drops of water to Nina Dobrev. But Bonnie could prevent the hero to go through with his plan, thanks to a shocking discovery.

The fate of the series, however, is intimately linked to that of Paul Wesley and Ian Somehralder. Producer Julie Plec announced with E Online, she would stop in case of disappearance of a series of two characters or one of our two actors decided to end the series.

"I realized that my creative destiny of the series is linked to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. And I say this very positively. As these boys, I now consider as friends, are ready to tell this story, so I will continue. "Said Julie Plec.