The Walking Dead Season 6: A new poster reveals the fate of Carl

While the season 6 of The Walking Dead will resume this weekend, AMC unveils new poster of Carl, who appears with a very familiar look for fans of comics of Robert Kirkman.

In the final mid-season, Rick and his group see the city of Alexandria overrun by walkers. The survivors took refuge in the home of Jessie. Rick and his family then decided to cover with blood walkers to get out and go unnoticed.

Except that at the end of the episode, we hear Sam, son of Jessie seems distraught, call his mother and thus point out the whole team. Comics fans know that when Rick and Carl leave Alexandria, Jessie is bitten by a zombie and Carl takes a stray bullet in the eye. In the photo you can see in the gallery at the bottom of the page, we see Carl with a bandage over his right eye.

The Walking Dead: A loyal following comics?

Rick's son should lose his eye, which will make the task of survival even more difficult. Especially in addition to Walkers, the inhabitants of Alexandria will encounter Saviors of Negan. The latter, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will land at the end of season 6.

Robert Kirkman assures with EW that "the series will resume exactly from the end of the final mid-season. Alexandria is invaded. Rick and the kids are all covered in guts, trying to pass through the crowd. Everyone is where we saw the last time and things get worse from there. "

The Walking Dead episode 9 of season 6 will premier on AMC on February 14.