Find and catch MissingNo in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow - 3DS

Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow have been re-released for Nintendo 3DS . To the surprise of most nostalgic players, the Nintendo maintained a famous bug in the game, known as MissingNo. This Pokemon is a flaw in the game code and can corrupt the save if caught. However, only battle he can clone your items, even Rare Candys and Master Balls. Here's how to find and capture MissingNo.

To find it, you need Pokémon that know the hits "Fly" and "Surf", both achieve through HMs items that appear during the adventure. The player will also have to defeat the Koga gym leaders in Fuchsia, and Lt. Surge in Vermillion, to use blows out battles, and have visited Cinnabar Island at least once.

Step 1. Go to Viridian City and talk to the old man who blocked the passage to Viridian Forest;

Step 2. He will ask if you are in a hurry. Answer ( "no") and he will teach again to capture Pokémon, as in the beginning of the adventure;

Step 3. Follow the tutorial normally. The old man will explain how to capture Pokémon and use an example of Wild Weedle;

Step 4. After the explanation, use "Fly" with your Pokémon to go to another city. Choose Cinnabar Island on the map

Step 5: When you arrive at Cinnabar, walk to the right side to the edge of the island. Now use "Surf" with Pokémon to enter the water;

Step 6. In the water, swim only up and down, the line between land and water, until a Pokémon force a battle;

Step 7. The Pokémon in question must be the bizarre MissingNo. Or its variable, 'M. After the meeting, use the "Run" option to escape the battle;

Note: It is easy to hit them, because the defense is low. But if they attack first, the blows can cause enough damage.

Step 8. After fleeing the battle, the sixth item on your list is multiplied by 128. As the game is only able to display up to 99 characters will be strange to spend this difference.

Why not capture MissingNo?

As MissingNo is not a real Pokemon, some problems may occur in the game to capture it. The save can be corrupted and delete all your progress, visual errors may appear in place of the normal graphics and the PC used to store Pokémon won’t work properly.

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