Hitman (2016) - Silent Assassin / Suit Only tips

In Hitman (2016), nobody assassinates and murders as beautiful as Agent 47. Hitman the cloned assassin is in the first episode in the City of Love: Paris. However, his interpretation of love is rather wrong-headed and say, murderous. Nevertheless Hitman can convince with his kills again. His third task "Silent Assassin Suit Only" turns out to be one of the most difficult one in which you can obtain several assassination challenges, depending on which way you decide it. In our guide, we show you one of many possibilities to execute the two tasks.

In order to complete the Challenge "Silent Assassin Suit Only," you have to master the entire challenge. As the name suggests, you have only allowed operating silently. In addition, you are allowed only to kill the targets and must always hide the lifeless body, such as in a closet. Those are not an end, should be merely knocked out, but never killed. Save as often as possible, because as soon as you discover, the challenge "Silent Assassin" is considered a failure.

Your first "real" mission in Hitman leads you into the huge palace in Paris "Palais de Walewska", where you have to bring two people around the corner: Dalia Margolis and Viktor Novikov.

Here you have different ways to do the killings. It is not important; whom you are going to kill first. Always pay attention to the security staff and other witnesses. The following defenses are in the palace:

- The French Security staff: you have access to the levels 0, 1 and 2
- Novikov's private guards: They wear black suits and can be at all levels
- Event Technician: Are found on Level 1 and 2
- Palace staff: You only have access to level 0 and 1

As Agent 47 your mission begins with a normal invitation as a guest of the exhibition. Since you are wearing one of your tuxedo, you get very simple access to the main area of the opening. But you can also enter by the bar and the stage.

Silent Assassin Suit Only Run: Kill Dalia Margolis

Start at the main entrance and pass this. Go right at the stairs and pass through the first passage. Go again around the right and through the door. Keep yourself again right, go through the next door on the right side and then open the first door on the left, which leads you directly to the toilet. There you will find next to the sink a document with which you pass later to the guards.

Now go back out of the toilet and onto the terrace, which is right. Run up the stairs in the park and examine the "service entrance". The two guards are standing in front of the door, you can go inside only with the newly found identity. Show this and pass through. Keep yourself again right and go up the stairs. Maybe you have to re-draw the card in front of the stairs.

Once at the top you should keep right and don’t enter the passage with the guards - and go through the door. In this room there is a balcony. Climb there to the right over the railing to get to the balcony above you. Shimmy right of the section along and climb up, now sneak on the wall along around the corner to the downspout. This you have to climb. Once at the top you have go left from the gutter and up on the balcony. Go into the hall and take the door on the left to go into the hallway and go right back through the door.

Continue to walk through the space that you have just entered, then take the door. It leads you into a dark room, the climb through the window. If you take the step, you lurch leftward to the next window, to get back into the building. Now you are in the private bathroom of your first victim: Dalia Margolis.

Dalia Margolis' private chambers

From now on you have to be cautious. Keep crouch and you sneak in front of the sink. There you will find next to the faucet a clock radio that you should turn on. Then go immediately behind the cabinet. Now a guard may have entered the bathroom to address the problem by magic radio.

Attack the guard from behind but careful not to kill him. Now hide his body in the closet and put his gun behind the wardrobe, so nobody finds him.

Be patient. You must now wait for the arrival of Dalia Margolis in the next room. you can see your target person enters the room. Open the door and throw a coin in the upper right corner, so you can move Margolis there. Now you can sneak to the station and switch it off without killing them.

Now you can go for your target Dalia Margolis. Use either a silence weapon or strangled your goal with your hands. Remember at the end hide the body and the guard.

You should not let pass too much time here, as it can happen that one of the other guests may enter the room. If you make yourselves noticeable, then the project "Silent Assassin" has failed.

Silent Assassin Suit Only Run: kill Viktor Novikov

So, 50% completed. Now only Viktor Novikov left. So go back down the stairs and back into the garden and on the terrace again toward toilet. There in the hall activate the fire alarm so Viktor Novikov uses his emergency escape route.

Run now in the entrance hall. On the edge of the grand staircase you will find a small door leading to the basement of the palace. Run down the stairs and then keep yourself right then to the left and open the door to the dressing room. Cross the locker room to get in a sort of wine cellar, the second door on the left side.

Run now through the storage room to the hallway. Stay on right and turn to right in front of the kitchen. Hide behind the wine bottle or the wine barrels. Now Keep the map in the eye and follow the point featuring Viktor Novikov. Note that the behavior of his bodyguards is random. Take the first guard; it works best when Novikov enters the room first. Then sneak behind the bodyguard and knock him out. You can hide the body of the security guard in one of the boxes.

Nw quiet and wait until Viktor Novikov passes the door. This is your chance. Use a silenced weapon or break in by hand the neck by quietly sneak after him and settled in an unobserved moment. Hide his body and go through the basement to the exit. You have to manage to remain unnoticed. Now you have successfully completed "Silent Assassin Suit Only". Now you will be rewarded with the silver trophy "Silent Killer".

Other options for Silent Assassin Suit Only

The procedure described above is of course only one of many possibilities, which is why its probably so much fun to play this challenge over and over again. You can dress as bodyguards or waiters, but when you fail then the Suit-only part. Nevertheless, you can also use the followings to kill the two targets:

- Light fireworks and kill both tasks within a few seconds with a sniper rifle
- Let a chandelier fall to Dalia during the auction
- Kill Viktor with a poisoned cocktail
- Drown Dalia in the toilet
- Arrange an interview with Viktor and hide an explosive device in the camera
- Kill Viktor with a speaker

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